Driven by customer success and innovation, Aktana introduces major product enhancements multiple times a year based on customer input, advancements in technology and data sciences, and industry changes. The latest enhancements to Aktana Decision Support center around improving control and visibility for customers, punctuated with a new integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Chief Science Officer Marc Cohen and the data science team at Aktana recently published their research in this area in The Journal of the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association, setting forth a successful machine learning approach for identifying message sequences that maximize open and click-through rates.

You’ve identified your use cases, implemented your brand strategy and orchestrated a successful roll out to the field. But what happens next? As we all know, change is inevitable. Additional data sources become available, new competitors arise and, as a result, strategies change. If you want to achieve continued success with your decision support program, […]

June 14, 2017/Aktana/CRM Suggestions

How does Aktana manage to address the needs of a diverse customer base in disparate markets—without building custom products? We’re sitting down with Bob Flint, the principal engineer for Aktana’s Decision Support Engine (DSE), to discuss the importance of configurability and explore how one flexible platform can address the needs of pharmaceutical companies around the […]

Last December I was fortunate to participate in Veeva’s European Commercial Summit in Madrid where I presented alongside Austin Wilson, Global Lead of Rep Orchestration at MSD, about Aktana-powered CRM suggestions. As an ex-Veeva employee, I knew just how exciting and educational this event is and this year was no different: just awesome tracks, unique […]

August 23, 2016/Derek Choy/CRM Suggestions

Thus far, we’ve discussed best practices for configuring your suggestion platform and the importance of designing suggestions for rep adoption and real-world use. In this concluding part of our series, let’s revisit a recent project with a top-10 pharma to explore how a suggestion platform can (and should) evolve alongside your business to accommodate and […]

In the first part of our series, we looked at best practices for identifying your brand’s unique requirements and setting up your suggestion platform. Now that your CRM suggestion platform has been configured, how can you ensure your reps will actually adopt the suggestions it generates? It’s unreasonable to expect reps to heed advice that […]

After a series of CRM Suggestion deployments, we’ve seen that configurations—the rules that govern how the suggestion engine will react in a given business scenario and control which suggestions and insights show up for reps—don’t just differ between customers. As we quickly learned,  they’re unique to each brand as well. Every brand faces a unique […]

The 2016 Veeva Commercial Summit brought many highlights for Aktana, but chief among them was the opportunity for our existing and new customers to meet, share experiences and help shape our ongoing vision for life science decision support.   Sharing the stage—and lessons learned—with Pfizer In addition to the impromptu exchanges at our booth between […]

All pharma reps are under pressure to deliver, but few feel that pressure more than specialty reps. When one prescription has the potential to generate hundreds of thousands in ROI, every win is critical—and much harder to come by. Due to stringent treatment protocols, success hinges on seizing short-lived windows of opportunity during the critical […]