Virtually trial your campaign

The simulator helps operational teams preview the effect of AI-driven priorities – via audience focus, message mix, channels and other key impact influencers. Campaign performance can be projected over multiple time periods to determine how recommended tactics, or sequence of tactics, would change KPI attainment.

Drive organizational alignment & buy-In

Commercial Effectiveness Leaders can collaborate with key stakeholders such as Brand or Compliance teams for awareness, coordination and approval, increasing operational efficiency and cross-functional support.

Quickly transition from simulation to launch

With all approvals in hand, commercial leaders can conduct a final review of tactics and launch to instantly deliver new suggestions and insights to field teams.

Impact Simulator Benefits

Understand impact before changes are made with proprietary generative AI.

ROI driven

Focus on tactics connected to highest priority strategies with a preview of simulated impact. 

Collaboration focused

Align on tactics proactively by building awareness and buy-in.