Recognize necessary tactical adjustments quickly & take action

This powerful tool augments strategic decision-making by identifying underperforming activities and recommending higher-impact opportunities. Commercial and medical teams can collaborate, streamline operations and accelerate time to value.

Put Generative AI to use on tactic design so your team can focus on strategy

Aktana’s proprietary blended Gen AI model – using both Deep Reinforcement Learning and Large Language models – can identify which tactics (or sequences of tactics) are most likely to improve that critical KPI. With AI powering the redesign of tactics, teams can achieve positive changes with 5-10x faster turnaround than ever before.

Ease the burden on the user with a simple, intuitive interface

Omnichannel and operations specialists can make changes quickly with simple, step-by-step workflows. Preloaded and suggested defaults around messages, KPIs and other elements speed the process, but are always available for adjustment by the user. 

Tactic Genie Benefits
Streamlined set-up

Simple workflow modules offer pre-selection of KPIs to get planning started, with the flexibility to change targets in real-time.

Performance notifications

Active monitoring tracks effectiveness of tactics and sends alerts across your team’s devices to notify that a change should be made.

Improved KPIs

Proprietary AI enables dynamic and continuous improvement of key business initiatives.