May 17, 2016/Eric Redline/CRM Suggestions

All pharma reps are under pressure to deliver, but few feel that pressure more than specialty reps. When one prescription has the potential to generate hundreds of thousands in ROI, every win is critical—and much harder to come by. Due to stringent treatment protocols, success hinges on seizing short-lived windows of opportunity during the critical inflection points in a physician’s treatment process. In short, timing is everything.

In this highly competitive field, any tool that enables reps to be more strategic and precise with their time is a major advantage. As several major pharmas have already recognized, CRM suggestions do just that. By helping reps optimize their time and make better use of the tools and data sources they already rely on, CRM suggestions give the specialty reps who use them the upper hand.

Using CRM Suggestions to Give Specialty Reps a Special Edge

1) Provide immediate feedback on patient diagnostic data

Although your field force may already receive healthcare practitioner data, it can be difficult to process, and the time to act on it is extremely limited. CRM suggestions can multiply the value of existing data investments by dynamically analyzing diagnostic data for your rep, evaluating potential outcomes and triggering an alert if a change of therapy (for which your rep’s drug is under consideration) is likely to occur. When Aktana is configured to generate urgent suggestions using blinded patient-level data, specialty reps can target HCPs with unprecedented precision and speed.

2) Optimize the best time to schedule visits and consistently deliver high-impact messaging

With territories that span multiple states, it’s even more imperative for specialty reps to make efficient use of their time. In addition to adhering to a schedule, that means taking advantage of opportunities to efficiently incorporate new targets into their routes. To ease logistical challenges, CRM suggestions evaluate a rep’s schedule alongside recent market events and location data to make prioritized, real-time suggestions about whom to visit and when.

CRM suggestions also help specialty reps maintain a continuous dialogue even when visits are spaced far apart. To preserve momentum between conversations and streamline pre-call planning, Aktana’s Insights provide an HCP-specific synopsis of every interaction with a given rep, any counterparts and HQ. Aktana will even bring the next logical talking point surface, so reps can effortlessly build on value propositions for their products and discuss the latest developments regarding market access, clinical trial data and treatment protocols.

3) Synthesize all relevant data sources into one integrated view for each HCP

Although there’s often less data to sort through in the specialty market, it can be more difficult to digest. Instead of multiple spreadsheets containing information and statistics for all HCPs, Aktana delivers intelligently pre-synthesized data, organized by key target HCPs, in one easy-to-absorb layout. By highlighting only the most relevant information, Aktana enables reps to quickly translate data into personalized, impactful interactions.

Be first or be forgotten

Given how selective specialty physicians are with their time, the rep who chooses the right moment to act and provides the most value will always come out ahead. By alerting reps to treatment decisions sooner and providing accelerated, intelligent data analysis, CRM suggestions give specialty reps an advantageous head start. When the lifetime value of a single patient is measured in the tens of thousands, adding CRM suggestions to your sales and marketing toolkit can be a game-changing investment.