Empower field teams with real-time, on-demand insights on the go

Drive more personalized, coordinated and impactful field activity with real-time recommendations through their mobile devices. Powered through a conversational AI assistant, users will receive “nudges” of relevant insights and capture richer engagement data.

Richer engagement data to improve AI recommendations

Enhanced customer data fuels Aktana AI for personalized recommendations, speeding up both conversation relevancy and campaign performance.

Aktana Copilot Benefits
Higher employee satisfaction scores

Conversational AI throughout the user experience saves valuable time, leading to better customer engagement and employee satisfaction.

Higher % of planned calls per month

Real-time delivery of suggestions and insights on mobile devices based on predefined triggers, upcoming meetings, & user location aids field teams with better call planning.

More customer touch point per month

Capture richer engagement data which enables Aktana AI to produce contextual & effective recommendations for better conversations & to create more customer touchpoints.