August 7, 2018/Jin Huang/Big Data

Companies today are drowning in data. The average company exceeds 50 percent per year in volume of data growth and has an average of 33 unique data sources — these are overwhelming amounts that make extracting analytical insights an arduous task. For those swamped with data that’s not being put to use, data lakes can provide immense value. Data lakes are storage systems that hold large volumes of raw, highly diverse data from many sources. Aside from providing internal benefits such as architecture flexibility and scalability, they make processing data quicker and more accurate, uncovering analytical insights that companies didn’t even realize before.

Chief Science Officer Marc Cohen and the data science team at Aktana recently published their research in this area in The Journal of the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association, setting forth a successful machine learning approach for identifying message sequences that maximize open and click-through rates.

October 11, 2017/Aktana/Big Data

PharmaForce is an annual conference uniquely focused on improving how sales and marketing teams can collaboratively address the complex challenges facing our changing industry. This was our first year attending, and we were fortunate to both participate on a panel and host an informational luncheon in addition to exhibiting at our booth. If you were […]

August 1, 2017/Derek Choy/Big Data

Big data can sound, and is, high-tech. If you’re a pharmaceutical sales rep, big data might even sound a little threatening. (Based on the cliche depiction of big data—a swirling vortex of binary code swallowing up any shred of humanity that stands in its way—it’s an understandable reaction.) But here’s the truth: in a reality […]

May 23, 2017/Marc Cohen/Big Data

The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) held its annual conference last month, and for the first time, we had the pleasure to attend. For those who haven’t been, the PMSA Annual Conference gathers pharmaceutical companies, consultants, and service providers like Aktana to share new, analytics-driven approaches for addressing the pharmaceutical industry’s ever-evolving needs. This year, […]

October 6, 2016/Clay Hausmann/Big Data

Getting more information at your sales reps’ fingertips sounds like a good idea — but what does it look like when life sciences companies actually roll out data-driven suggestions? Nicole Paolucci, the Director of Technology and Innovation at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, recently answered that question in a Veeva webinar titled “Learn How Sunovion Uses Data Science […]

May 6, 2013/Derek Choy/Big Data

The big data movement has arrived with widespread, real-world use, and it’s advancing. Practitioners can access a lot of information, from diverse sources, and perform sophisticated analysis to help them anticipate what will happen and execute on goals. There have been notable big data triumphs around milestone events that develop over lengthy cycles. An example […]