March 14, 2024/David Logue/Blog, Omnichannel

We are very pleased to share a groundbreaking collaboration between Aktana and Adobe. As life science leaders navigate the complexities of the digital age, Aktana and Adobe are working together to develop a transformative approach to omnichannel personalization – delivering true end-to-end omnichannel capabilities for the healthcare sector. Adobe is a leader in personalization of […]

February 21, 2024/Aktana/Blog, Medical Affairs

  It is an excellent point in time to reflect on the transformative journey of the pharmaceutical industry and the crucial role played by Medical Affairs (MA) teams. There are three top priorities that have come to the forefront for life sciences companies in Medical Affairs: The need for effective KOL network development The desire […]

 A discussion between Dr. Adil Ajuied and Jonny Rawlinson from Aktana The seismic shifts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped the landscape of healthcare, prompting a reevaluation of the relationships between surgeons and medical device representatives. In this blog, we delve into a surgeon’s perspective on these changes and explore the ways AI […]

January 18, 2024/David Logue/Blog, Omnichannel

Written by David Logue, Chief Commercial Officer at Aktana The evolving customer and stakeholder landscape demands more than just personalized content and an HCP portal – it calls for a collaborative value-driven approach. Something that can facilitate seamless collaboration between field reps, MSLs and other customer-facing teams. Tools that help the teams with alerts and […]

September 28, 2023/Aktana/Blog

Thank you for a GREAT inaugural Aktana Innovation Xchange! Aktana is incredibly proud and grateful to have hosted the industry’s best minds who are bringing innovation in AI and machine learning to life science commercial and medical programs around the globe. We had an amazing two days at AIx in New York City of exceptional […]

With current economic pressures and tightening market conditions for pharmaceutical companies, it is more important than ever to arm sales and marketing teams with Next Best Action (NBA) solutions to streamline their engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs). But what does “best” really mean? Today’s Trends: Data Evolution and the Demand for Personalized Engagement We are […]

Only 52% of surveyed pharma executives say they are successfully optimizing engagement across HCP touchpoints, yet 98% say that it’s important to create and implement an omnichannel strategy. What can we learn from the 52% about how to successfully integrate Next Best Action (NBA) programs in omnichannel strategies? Alan Kalton, Senior Vice President, Global Sales […]

3-part Podcast Series Presented by Eularis with Industry Experts Artificial Intelligence is evolving from being an important strategic investment to a must-have at scale today for pharmaceutical companies. More specifically, much of the pharmaceutical industry is introducing artificial intelligence powered next best action (NBA) to drive proactive business intelligence into commercial execution. NBA, also known […]

After navigating unprecedented disruption and adapting go-to-market actions, expectations for customer interactions have fundamentally changed. Companies must be more intelligent and strategic than ever in customer engagement. How are leaders gaining an edge? Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming linchpin programs in commercial operations.  As AI continues to mature, the utilization of machine learning […]

August 12, 2022/Aktana/Blog

Do you adapt global pharma commercial strategies to local markets or vice-versa? Omnichannel newcomers may be surprised to discover a conservative, bottom-up deployment has drawbacks. “There ends up being a tendency to want to pilot AI solutions for a given brand in a given market,” says Aktana’s Product Director Rakan Sleiman. During Aktana’s recent Omnichannel […]