Moving at the Speed of Pharma: Why Aktana Takes an Agile Approach

Being responsive to the ever-changing needs of the pharmaceutical market is an essential consideration for a company like Aktana. Our value proposition has always been the right information, in the right place, at the right time—a moving target that we must constantly pay attention to and adjust for in order to reach. There’s simply no […]

Why Configurability is King: A Q&A with Aktana Engineer Bob Flint

June 14, 2017/Aktana/CRM Suggestions

How does Aktana manage to address the needs of a diverse customer base in disparate markets—without building custom products? We’re sitting down with Bob Flint, the principal engineer for Aktana’s Decision Support Engine (DSE), to discuss the importance of configurability and explore how one flexible platform can address the needs of pharmaceutical companies around the […]

Highlights from PMSA’s 2017 Annual Conference

May 23, 2017/Marc Cohen/Big Data

The Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) held its annual conference last month, and for the first time, we had the pleasure to attend. For those who haven’t been, the PMSA Annual Conference gathers pharmaceutical companies, consultants, and service providers like Aktana to share new, analytics-driven approaches for addressing the pharmaceutical industry’s ever-evolving needs. This year, […]

QuintilesIMS Compares MCM Channel Preference with Reality in Global HCP Survey

On the surface, it’s a pretty simple question: How do physicians want to be contacted by pharmaceutical companies? But as any pharma marketer knows, determining the ideal multichannel marketing mix is often anything but simple. QuintilesIMS explores this challenge of striking the right balance between digital contact and face-to-face detailing in their whitepaper, Channel Preference […]

The Power of Personalization: Using Advanced Machine Learning to Drive Rep Engagement

When it comes to making suggestions to sales reps, there’s a lot to consider in order to ensure the right suggestions are generated for the right rep. For example, it’s not enough just to consider a rep’s call plan for engaging with providers; suggestions should also adapt based on events, market data and the brand’s […]

Highlights from Our Presentation with MSD at the Veeva European Commercial Summit

Last December I was fortunate to participate in Veeva’s European Commercial Summit in Madrid where I presented alongside Austin Wilson, Global Lead of Rep Orchestration at MSD, about Aktana-powered CRM suggestions. As an ex-Veeva employee, I knew just how exciting and educational this event is and this year was no different: just awesome tracks, unique […]

Veeva Partners with Major Life Science Companies to Streamline Online Access for HCPs

How can we improve the way physicians and pharmaceutical companies work together? That’s the challenge posed by Align Biopharma—a new collaboration between our partner Veeva and some of the world’s leading life science companies including Allergan, AstraZeneca, Biogen, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Pfizer. In a recent article, FiercePharma explains how this new group is making it […]

How Sunovion Improved Engagement with Aktana-Powered Veeva CRM Suggestions

October 6, 2016/Clay Hausmann/Big Data

Getting more information at your sales reps’ fingertips sounds like a good idea — but what does it look like when life sciences companies actually roll out data-driven suggestions? Nicole Paolucci, the Director of Technology and Innovation at Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, recently answered that question in a Veeva webinar titled “Learn How Sunovion Uses Data Science […]

Lessons Learned: Part 3 – Managing Your Suggestion Platform Over Time

August 23, 2016/Derek Choy/CRM Suggestions

Thus far, we’ve discussed best practices for configuring your suggestion platform and the importance of designing suggestions for rep adoption and real-world use. In this concluding part of our series, let’s revisit a recent project with a top-10 pharma to explore how a suggestion platform can (and should) evolve alongside your business to accommodate and […]

Lessons Learned: Part 2 – Designing CRM Suggestions for Adoption and Real-world Use

In the first part of our series, we looked at best practices for identifying your brand’s unique requirements and setting up your suggestion platform. Now that your suggestion platform has been configured, how can you ensure your reps will actually adopt the suggestions it generates? It’s unreasonable to expect reps to heed advice that contradict […]