V14 Introduces Seamless Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Increased Control and Visibility

Driven by customer success and innovation, Aktana introduces major product enhancements multiple times a year based on customer input, advancements in technology and data sciences, and industry changes. The latest enhancements to Aktana Decision Support center around improving control and visibility for customers, punctuated with a new integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Power of Personalization: Using Advanced Machine Learning to Drive Rep Engagement

When it comes to making suggestions to sales reps, there’s a lot to consider in order to ensure the right suggestions are generated for the right rep. For example, it’s not enough just to consider a rep’s call plan for engaging with providers; suggestions should also adapt based on events, market data and the brand’s […]

Engaging The Field

August 29, 2013/Derek Choy/Field Sales

Convincing someone to adopt something new is never easy. Now imagine you are trying to get field sales reps to use software that guides them to act in accordance with headquarter-driven priorities. Impossible? Here at Aktana, we believe we have cracked the code to engaging a field sales team. We find that reps using Aktana’s Smart Suggestions not […]