It’s a familiar situation. A major pharma company’s leading competitor is launching a product that vies for market share with one of it’s best-selling drugs. Key physicians are already receiving compelling messaging about diminished side effects and improved dosing. A quick response is essential. So, the marketing team starts pushing competitive positioning about the existing […]

With the average rep juggling 80-100 physicians in one territory, multiple communication channels and a pharma market that’s changing every day, it’s not surprising that CRM suggestions and insights have emerged as one of the most impressive tools in today’s pharma marketing arsenal. Just a few lines of text have the power to eliminate hours […]

June 25, 2015/Aktana/CRM Suggestions

Last week’s Veeva Commercial Summit was filled with many memorable moments, none more so than Veeva’s introduction of CRM Suggestions and our supporting announcement for VConnector 2.0.  For the last five years, we’ve dedicated our work lives at Aktana to making life science sales reps more effective.  How?  By doing the data dirty work for […]

June 18, 2015/Aktana/CRM Suggestions

Aktana was recently profiled in FiercePharmaMarketing, a leading blog for the latest news in the world of pharma marketing. The article discusses how Aktana’s Decision Support Engine uses predictive analytics within Veeva CRM Suggestions to help inexperienced and underperforming pharma reps make smarter decisions and maximize customer engagement. Highlighting the software’s intuitive edge, the post […]