Deliver a true omnichannel experience

Aktana’s AI-driven Omnichannel Orchestrator finds the best combination of all possible actions—in all channels, by all members of commercial and medical teams—to create the most personalized and effective experiences for every physician.

Dynamically improve with every interaction

Layering artificial intelligence with human insight, the Omnichannel Orchestrator pulls out the critical context from every data source and past interactions to make those that follow more relevant, responsive and effective.

Drive confidence and adoption

Empowers users to review the total and component scores for each potential recommendation—including alternatives that weren’t published to the field team’s workflow—resulting in higher long-term adherence and confidence.

Omnichannel Orchestrator Benefits
Impactful experiences

Personalize and orchestrate every customer interaction across all channels.

Continuous learning

Learn from each interaction and experience to enrich the data supporting your program.

User focused

Transparent reason text and scoring behind each recommendation enables user-based feedback improvement.