Benefits of Working with Aktana’s Partner Ecosystem
Aktana’s partner ecosystem of data and analytics providers, agencies, industry consultants and technology platforms makes it easy for customers to build a comprehensive, flexible and secure omnichannel solution that’s tailored to their unique business needs.

Expand your reach through Aktana’s extensive global customer network


Natively integrate your technology solutions with CRMs, marketing automation platforms and other key systems


Sell and implement modular solutions across geographies, brands and franchises with minimal recurring costs


Incorporate any essential data source in the market with out-of-the-box APIs and standardized transformation templates

Partner Categories
Inputs & Data

Amplify and scale your data investments by transforming any data source into coordinated omnichannel action through Contextual Intelligence 360.

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Data Integration & Curation

Leverage the power of connected analytics and technology platforms and seamless coordination via API-first integration.

Includes partners specializing in data warehouses, ETL and integration, CRM, insights /analytics and CDPs.

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Strategy & Planning

Integrate sophisticated analytical models, creative campaigns and bespoke strategies into a modular, open platform designed to coordinate, optimize and continuously improve commercial execution.

Includes partners specializing in campaigns and journey design, HCP segmentation and content creation.

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Omnichannel Execution & Channel Activation

Move from episodic, campaign-based multichannel to continuous, dynamic omnichannel HCP engagement.

Includes partners specializing in marketing automation, commercial & medical platforms and third-party publishers.

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