Scale internal data science efforts

Eliminate the painful transition from model development to model deployment. Aktana helps drive adoption of your unique insights by directly connecting brand analytics with marketing and sales technologies, so you can spend time analyzing data—not worrying about end-user adoption or system integration.

Combine custom models with Aktana's ready-to-use AI

Leverage Aktana’s modular design to employ a “best-of-both-worlds” approach using our SaaS-based AI, custom-built models or any combination of both.

Manage technical complexity & connectivity

Connect seamlessly to Aktana’s platform through pre-built connectors for all common data sources and native integrations for key outbound systems.

Monitor performance of all data pipelines

Detect subtle shifts in data quality and integrity for both inbound and outbound pipelines before they impact machine learning performance.

Analytics Activator Benefits
Flexible approach

Based on where you are with your Next Best Action program, Aktana can help scale and expand at any point in the journey.

BYO design

You determine sources of models, analytics and AI you want to use, Aktana will bring them together and optimize.

Simple to use

Aktana UI simplifies workflows and cross-system connectivity while providing clear visuals to monitor performance.