Aktana Contextual Intelligence

Ensure every interaction is more relevant, aligned and targeted than the last.

Layering artificial intelligence with human insight, Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine acquires knowledge from every interaction to make those that follow more relevant and responsive to the needs of each HCP. The result? Go-to-market activities that are personalized, seamless and optimized in real-time to deliver the omnichannel experience your customers deserve.

Intelligence Solutions for Life Sciences Teams
For Field Sales

Guidance that goes beyond next best action
Empower reps with intuitive, actionable suggestions and insights, delivered daily in whatever workflow they prefer. Every interaction sharpens future tactics, aligning sales and marketing on brand strategy year-round.

For Brand Marketers

The tools to turn a buzzword into reality
Design and deploy AI-driven omnichannel journeys that automatically select the channels, content and cadence predicted to yield optimal engagement for each HCP.

For Field Medical

Richer scientific partnerships with KOLs
Ensure the right patients have access to your therapies with the help of compliant, data-driven suggestions and insights informed by a 360-degree view of each HCP.

“With Aktana, we have a daily integration of brand strategy and sales execution that was previously as infrequent as several months to a year.”

- Ryan McGinnis Eli Lilly and Company
Ryan McGinnis
Three Key Features Behind Aktana’s Best-in-Class Intelligence Engine
Relevance Amplifier

Exceptionally precise targeting driven by the best of AI and human insight
Knowing which data matters and how to apply it isn’t easy. Drawing from a blend of AI outputs, campaign rules and data, our Relevance Amplifier efficiently captures and condenses the most critical information for each HCP, informing AI with real-world context to make true omnichannel personalization possible.

NBA Advanced Processor

Iterated and improved more than 19 million times since 2018
Drive next best actions across all channels with the technical sophistication that only experience can provide. Our NBA Advanced Processor has been meticulously honed over 10 years, 21 software releases and the millions of suggestions we’ve served to more than 250 brands worldwide.

Contextual Balancing

The right mix of AI tools applied with nuance and expertise
AI can drive commercial impact, but to what extent depends on the proportion, timing and careful application of the individual technologies at work. Aktana’s proprietary Contextual Balancing methodology continually evaluates all characteristics of an HCP interaction, from channel preference and feasibility to pacing and location, to deliver the optimal experience.

Move the Needle at Crucial Points in the Commercial Process
Accelerate your transition to intelligent omnichannel engagement with the following machine learning modules, included with Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine
Sales Change Detection

Don’t wait for quarterly sales data to reprioritize HCPs. The Sales Change Detection module intelligently monitors changes in volume, pace and share of sales so you can proactively seize new opportunities or protect your piece of the market.

Channel Affinity

Reach HCPs where they’re most likely to engage at any given time. The Channel Affinity module efficiently assesses complex HCP attributes to uncover communication preferences at the individual level.

Other Machine Learning Modules
Call Locator

Find efficiencies and maximize resources by predicting how far an HCP will be from an expected rep location at a given time.

Rep Engagement

Accelerate adoption and increase ROI by prioritizing the suggestions each rep is most likely to follow.

HCP Engagement Timing

Listen to interactions across channels to predict the best time to engage an HCP for maximum impact.

Message Sequencing

Predict and deliver the next best message within a single channel or across multiple touchpoints.

Content Optimization

Pinpoint the content individual HCPs are most likely to engage with by leveraging Natural Language Processing and omnichannel engagement data.

Customer Journey Analytics

Build omnichannel journeys around what a target HCP needs—and when—while flagging any discrepancies between potential and actual behavior.

Advantages of Aktana’s Highly Configurable SaaS Platform
Fine-tuned over 10 years, the Aktana Platform is purpose-built to help life sciences teams deliver consistent results in an ever-changing market. Nimble and nuanced, our platform is designed to evolve with you, scaling smoothly to meet your intelligence needs as your business grows.
Flexible and seamless

Aktana’s platform is CRM-agnostic, integrates with every marketing automation tool, and works with any data infrastructure to amplify the value of your existing tools and make true omnichannel possible.

Comprehensive and transparent

If you can digitize it, we can ingest it. The Aktana platform incorporates every essential data source in the market—including your internal analytics models and IP—for actionable intelligence informed by thorough context.

Agile and scalable

With a library of templatized use cases across therapeutic areas and regions and a standardized data structure, Aktana offers the out-of-the-box usability brands need to deliver immediate impact.

Customer Success
Aktana’s customers have proven results

A top global pharma company used Aktana to double HCP engagement through digital channels. View the case study to learn how they used suggestions and insights to create a better customer experience.

It's Time to Rethink How Life Sciences Commercial Teams Work
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