Humanizing the way we support physicians starts with AI.

Aktana helps commercial and medical teams personalize the customer experience for each HCP while juggling realities like digital fatigue, channel capacity and more.

Contextual Intelligence 360 is a modular solution composed of Aktana’s market-leading, omnichannel SaaS platform for life sciences – a powerful, AI-driven optimization engine and four key offerings that help commercial and medical teams understand HCP preferences, create engaging experiences, and optimize the entire customer journey across channels. Designed to scale, companies can adopt what they need, when they need it, moving at the pace of their business.

Contextual Intelligence Engine
Aktana’s AI-powered optimization engine finds the best combination of all possible actions—in all channels, by all members of the commercial team—to create compelling experiences for every physician. Layering artificial intelligence with human insight, the CIE pulls out the critical context from every data source and past interaction to make those that follow more relevant, responsive and effective.
Built for Omnichannel

Optimize across push and pull marketing strategies.


Process data, rules, models and campaigns from any source.


Balance machine learning with expert guidance for real-world use.


Arm users with clear explanations for every recommendation.

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Aktana's Product Suite
Modular, scalable products and capabilities to help you understand HCP preferences, create engaging omnichannel experiences and ensure commercial teams are empowered to succeed.
Aktana Copilot

Field teams can drive more personalized, coordinated and impactful field activity with real-time recommendations through their mobile device. Powered through a conversational AI assistant, users will receive “nudges” of relevant insights and capture richer engagement data.

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HCP Engagement AI

Built specifically for life sciences, Aktana’s pre-built machine learning modules help commercial teams understand individual customer preferences across content, channel and timing—quickly, accurately and at scale.

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Customer Journey Management

Strategize and deploy impactful programs that meet short- and long-term HCP engagement goals using Aktana’s Customer Journey Creator and the industry’s largest library of micro-journey templates.

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Commercial Team Empowerment

Unlock the full potential of a coordinated, data-driven team by providing deep insights to the key players in commercial life sciences—including brand leads, analytics teams, marketers, district managers, sales reps and MSLs.

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“Digital transformation is possible when you work with a team like Aktana that has experience delivering advanced analytic solutions but also prioritizes the specific needs of their customers versus simply selling technology.”

- Greg Carpenter, Sanofi
Aktana Platform
Aktana’s highly configurable platform is purpose-built to help life sciences companies derive more value from their investments, integrating all data sources, analytics and 3rd-party systems while embedding the latest security technology to keep data safe.

Embed intelligence across the omnichannel ecosystem with native integrations for all key systems.


Incorporate any kind of raw or processed data—including internal analytic models.


Protect your data with enterprise-ready role-driven access, multi-factor authentication and more.


Reduce management costs and accelerate time to value across brands and franchises.

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Customer Success
Aktana’s customers have proven results

A top global pharma company used Aktana to double HCP engagement through digital channels. View the case study to learn how they used Next Best Action suggestions and insights to create a better customer experience.