June 15, 2018/Clay Hausmann/Blog

Our first annual customer roundtable took place last month in Manhattan, NY. Sales, marketing, IT, and innovation executives representing top bio-pharmaceutical companies convened to network and exchange ideas about decision support and artificial intelligence (AI) in commercial processes. The conversation was lively with many common experiences across companies, and a multitude of best practices were shared as well.

Some of the top customer questions addressed during the session were:

  • How can we embed this approach in the daily routine of our sales force?
  • What measures best illustrate ROI, and how do you calculate it?
  • What are the critical success factors to introducing AI to field forces, especially in environments where data and AI have been underutilized?
  • What variables are the most consistent drivers of HCP receptivity and behavior change?
  • How do other companies balance marketing strategies with sales execution activities to ensure suggestions and insights are relevant and meaningful?

A huge thank-you to our valued customers who took time out of their schedules to join us for this rewarding event. We learned a great deal about how to better structure our support across regions and brands, and we have already begun to apply those learnings in the field. Most proudly, when asked “how likely are you to attend this event again?” with 1 = very unlikely and 5 = very likely in our post-event survey, respondents gave an average score of 4.67!

Next month we’ll gather our key customers in Tokyo, Japan, for a similar discussion, and we’ll host an event in Shanghai, China, later in the year.