March 14, 2024/David Logue/Blog, Omnichannel

We are very pleased to share a groundbreaking collaboration between Aktana and Adobe.

As life science leaders navigate the complexities of the digital age, Aktana and Adobe are working together to develop a transformative approach to omnichannel personalization – delivering true end-to-end omnichannel capabilities for the healthcare sector.

Adobe is a leader in personalization of all digital channels. At the same time, Aktana’s expertise has largely been focused on providing AI-driven recommendations for field teams within life sciences. By seamlessly integrating both digital and face-to-face interactions, this collaboration enables life science companies to deliver personalized engagements at scale, meeting the ever-evolving expectations of HCPs.

The journey towards omnichannel personalization for life science leaders is more than an adaptation to changing times—it’s a pioneering venture into a new era of engagement. The challenges presented by the digital age are met with solutions that go beyond conventional norms, driven by the collaborative brilliance of Adobe and Aktana.

The Opportunity

To truly meet Healthcare Professional’s (HCPs) needs and be there when you can add the most value, striking the right balance between in-person, remote interactions and self-service digital HCP engagements is essential. Face-to-face meetings remain integral for building and maintaining trust, yet the efficiency and flexibility of remote engagement are increasingly valued. From a recent article in Fierce Pharma, “On average, 78% of HCP interactions are in person and 22% are digital, per data collected by Veeva [an Aktana partner]. At companies that push inbound channels, the mix shifts to 42% in-person and 58% digital.” This emphasizes how imperative it is that LS companies are able to dynamically coordinate and pivot between digital and in person touchpoints. With this synergistic approach, HCPs will ultimately have a better experience along each step of the journey, increasing not only their engagement but potentially their brand loyalty as well.

Recognizing this need for flexibility, the industry is evolving towards a customer-centric, omnichannel model. While digital HCP engagement channels are critical for access, convenience and scale, personal connections through face-to-face interactions are equally crucial in building trust of course, but also in understanding how best to support HCPs deliver patient care. This holistic approach empowers life science companies to orchestrate personalized engagements at scale, marking a significant step toward achieving the ultimate goal – having personalized interactions at the moments that matter most.

The Power of Omnichannel Personalization

In an age where the life science industry is still finding its way through digital access, the creation of best practices for newer, hybrid engagement models takes time. The challenges accompanying multichannel engagement also increased due to channel preferences and disjointed internal systems, overwhelming the HCP’s with irrelevant blanket messaging.

To effectively engage customers and stand out through this cluttered noise, a seamless customer experience is paramount, with perfect handoffs between experts or content channels. HCPs value companies that respect their time, needs, and preferences, underscoring the significance of the right messaging and personalized approach.

As the strength of relationships with HCPs extends beyond traditional face-to-face interactions, the evolution of digital channels demands personalized messaging at every touchpoint to effectively convey messages and use one joined-up approach toward customer journey orchestration that combines the best of both worlds.

Evolving expectations from customer facing teams

Today HCPs are more open to digital channels but face increased workloads, and hence meaningful value-led conversations with known and trusted field teams becomes a crucial step in their schedules. The trusted advisor helps them navigate through the complex content to help them achieve what they want most – better education and tools to manage patient care.

But the challenge for field teams is not just about understanding the needs and wants of HCPs. For a Field Rep it also means navigating complex internal systems across various silos and finding content that is relevant, compliant and addresses pain points in a timely manner.

Safe to say that moving forwards the customer-facing field teams will transform into more than just sales reps. The real value will be delivered through personalization and connecting HCPs to the right content and colleagues. 

To truly achieve better customer engagement, the industry needs to empower their field-based colleagues at each stage, with better user experience in utilizing data and insights to create value at the right point in time.

Empowering Field Reps with Actionable Recommendations

Imagine a world where sales representatives seamlessly navigate through actionable recommendations across a variety of channels and systems, creating personalized and impactful interactions. 

As the industry embraces this paradigm shift, Aktana’s field orchestrator and mobile intelligence solutions emerge as the catalyst, offering actionable recommendations that empower sales representatives to navigate through various channels seamlessly. This innovative field intelligence solution acts as a guide, empowering field teams with real-time recommendations through a conversational AI assistant. Helping sales representatives effortlessly navigate through actionable insights across various channels, creating personalized interactions that truly resonate.

Aktana’s solutions don’t just facilitate connections; they are about making every conversation count. By delivering timely nudges filled with relevant insights, this app ensures that each interaction captures valuable engagement data,in a world where every moment matters.

Going Forward

In an era where industry norms are redefined, these innovations empower organizations to create meaningful connections, foster trust, and drive success in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic healthcare landscape.

We are incredibly excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead for healthcare professionals and patients with the integration of Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare and Aktana’s platform and products.