January 27, 2017/Clay Hausmann/Decision Support

How can we improve the way physicians and pharmaceutical companies work together? That’s the challenge posed by Align Biopharma—a new collaboration between our partner Veeva and some of the world’s leading life science companies including Allergan, AstraZeneca, Biogen, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Pfizer. In a recent article, FiercePharma explains how this new group is making it easier for time-pressed physicians to get the information they need.

Their first order of business? Replacing the long list of unique logins required to access webinars, physician portals and other online content with one, streamlined HCP login.

This would mitigate the protracted process that physicians currently go through, making it faster (and therefore, more likely) for HCPs to take advantage of the critical drug information pharmaceutical companies provide. It’s good news for the industry and even better news for physicians and their patients.     

Following the rollout of an Identity Management standard, Align Biopharma plans to release another technology standard for HCP Consent and Communication Preferences, which will help unify the way HCPs convey their communication preferences with each company. Its release is slated for later this year.