January 9, 2019/Caitlin Mazur/Decision Support

It’s no secret that customer centricity and marketing personalization tools are rapidly becoming the gold standard for healthcare professional (HCP) interactions. The growing consensus across the life sciences industry is that automation will help organizations target down to the individual level. Using tools enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) can help brand teams design customer journeys that systematically gather insights to learn and action from.

Philippe Kirby, digital capabilities and analytics director at MSD, spoke with eyeforpharma about where pharma is in this marketing automation journey. “You have to start with base information you have on your customers and then you have to complement that with brand objectives and then iterate,” Phillippe explains. “With each customer interaction, the suggestion engine learns and starts to help you achieve your brand and customer objectives.”

Philippe discusses how MSD is partnering with Aktana through each of these stages to enable better engagement with HCPs. Check out the full article.