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Perfect your brand’s go-to-market strategy and execution

Synchronize with precision from pre-launch planning through to omnichannel HCP engagement, and continuously fine-tune with every experience

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Precision Omnichannel with Impact

Committed to inspiring better patient care, Aktana’s AI and mobile intelligence help pharma and life sciences companies develop, plan and execute go-to-market strategies with unparalleled precision throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Aktana’s platform and tools enable biopharma leaders to synchronize and refine strategies in real-time with immediate feedback directly from the field, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

Today, an array of top global pharmaceutical companies rely on Aktana to deliver up to 22% increased operational efficiency and 6% sales lift in less than one year.

Our Customers

More than half of the top 20 global life sciences companies rely on Aktana for intelligent customer engagement, with over 350 brands around the world live today.