Your sales force is your most expensive company asset.

When they’re armed with the right information at the right time, they make better decisions and have more impact. It’s that simple.

  • Improve call plan adherence

    Most life sciences companies rely on call plans to guide rep activity. Aktana continually analyzes information like ideal pacing, geographic proximity and HCP availability so reps can respond quickly and productively when real-world complexities get in the way.

  • Help lower-performing reps shine

    While Aktana helps all reps improve their results, we help lower performers the most. These reps are challenged by what data to look for, where to find it, and how to apply it. By using Aktana, they not only generate immediate results, they build valuable skills as they strive to become the high performers of the future.

  • Better adapt to changes in strategy or market conditions

    Aktana uses knowledge of the rep’s context to guide data collection and analysis, providing key insights to the rep at the time of decision. And as new information becomes available, Aktana informs the rep of what that information means and how they might usefully apply it.

  • Increase the quality of rep-HCP interactions

    Today, HCPs look for value in exchange for their time. Aktana can help reps become more knowledgeable about a physician’s challenges through insights on matters such as script writing dynamics, formulary coverage changes, adverse event reports, or patient trends.

  • Better coordinate multichannel marketing

    The use of alternate channels in HCP engagement is increasing, yet its execution remains largely disconnected from rep activity. Aktana enables integrated multi-channel strategies. Reps now know when alternate channel activity should impact their decisions and can be guided in initiating alternate channel activity of their own.

Sales reps who use Aktana have seen their performance improve on average by 10-30%. In times of product launch or strategy change, Aktana has even greater impact. Because when chaos reigns, Aktana brings clarity.