Aktana’s HCP Engagement AI is an out-of-the box solution that surfaces personalized HCP preferences across channel, timing and content to support your omnichannel goals. Say you’re launching a campaign for an upcoming webinar, an HCP named Dr. Dee wasn’t originally a target, but when Aktana identifies an unexpected change in her prescribing behavior, combined with her preference for events featuring key opinion leaders, it recommends she be included in the webinar campaign. She’ll now receive an email invite from the brand team.

If Dr. Dee registers, that’s great. She’ll move into the registered attendee workflow. But what if she opens the email and doesn’t register? This lack of action triggers a new suggestion to the field team. Based on her past engagements, Aktana knows that Dr. Dee responds well to remote detailing and is most likely available on Wednesday afternoons, so Aktana recommends a virtual visit.

In preparation for the reps meeting, Aktana analyzes previous engagement insights, and highlights key talking points from the webinar that will be most relevant to Dr. Dee. Ultimately, she registers, attends and learns about promising new outcomes from one of her peers. This leads Dr. Dee to reconsider the therapy and begin prescribing it to more patients. This is just one example of how Aktana’s AI enables commercial teams to orchestrate engagements at scale, while maintaining HCP personalization and support. Inspire better patient care and accelerate your business with Aktana.