The Future of Machine Learning in the Life Sciences Industry – Part 2

As discussed in part one of this series, machine learning and AI have already been applied in several ways in the commercial life sciences -- yet there’s potential to do even more. In part two, Veeva Systems SVP of Commercial Strategy Paul Shawah and Aktana CEO David Ehrlich discuss what’s in store for this emerging technology and how commercial and medical teams can make the most of it.

The Current State of Machine Learning in Commercial Life Sciences – Part 1

In this two-part series, Veeva Systems SVP of Commercial Strategy Paul Shawah and Aktana CEO David Ehrlich discuss how to leverage machine learning and AI to optimize go-to-market strategy — both today and in the years to come. Part one below focuses on the current state of machine learning in life sciences commercial processes, including applications, success factors, and the effect on the HCP experience.

V14 Introduces Seamless Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Increased Control and Visibility

Driven by customer success and innovation, Aktana introduces major product enhancements multiple times a year based on customer input, advancements in technology and data sciences, and industry changes. The latest enhancements to Aktana Decision Support center around improving control and visibility for customers, punctuated with a new integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Machine Learning in Decision Support: Q&A with Aktana Chief Science Officer Marc Cohen

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are all over the news today and a priority for most data companies. Aktana’s product marketing director, Lauren Schivley, talks with Chief Science Officer Marc Cohen about what makes machine learning so valuable and how it applies to the commercial life sciences.

Highlights from the 2018 Aktana Customer Roundtable

June 15, 2018/Clay Hausmann/Blog

Our first annual customer roundtable took place last month in Manhattan, NY. Sales, marketing, IT, and innovation executives representing top bio-pharmaceutical companies convened to network and exchange ideas about decision support and artificial intelligence (AI) in commercial processes. The conversation was lively with many common experiences across companies, and a multitude of best practices were shared as well.

Aktana’s Machine Learning Method & Open Rate Results Published in PMSA Journal

Chief Science Officer Marc Cohen and the data science team at Aktana recently published their research in this area in The Journal of the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association, setting forth a successful machine learning approach for identifying message sequences that maximize open and click-through rates.

Going to Market Smarter: Aktana and Pfizer Share Real-world Application of AI at Veeva Commercial and Medical Summit

May 21, 2018/Aktana/Blog

The Veeva Commercial and Medical Summit hosted commercial leaders from across the life sciences industry this past week. Abuzz with talk of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform how life sciences companies engage with healthcare professionals, attendees sought to understand how to make this a reality in their organizations.

Marketing Science Experts Share Cutting-edge Research on AI in Sales at Annual Conference

April 19, 2018/Anna Decker/Blog

I had the opportunity to attend the Enhancing Sales Force Productivity Conference recently at the University of Missouri. It’s an annual conference that brings together sales and marketing researchers from around the world to share their findings on using AI (artificial intelligence) to improve sales force management and performance. As the only commercial entity in attendance, we listened to several talks by academic experts and shared our own industry perspective in David’s keynote address. After two jam-packed days of networking, panel discussions, and research presentations, I came away with three main takeaways.

Aktana Brings Real-world Application of AI in Sales Productivity to Academic Conference

April 10, 2018/Aktana/Blog

Aktana CEO David Ehrlich presented the keynote address at the Enhancing Sales Force Productivity Conference, an annual international conference hosted by University of Missouri’s Trulaske College of Business. Marketing science experts from around the world attended this two-day event to share insights and learn cutting-edge approaches for using artificial intelligence (AI) in sales.

Unraveling Machine Learning Myths in Commercial Life Sciences

February 13, 2018/Matthew Van Wingerden/Blog

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), once mere buzzwords akin to flying cars and moving sidewalks, have become commonplace in nearly every industry. Despite this impressive value delivered in R&D, why are life sciences companies only just starting to adopt machine learning to drive commercial excellence?