Marketing Science Experts Share Cutting-edge Research on AI in Sales at Annual Conference

April 19, 2018/Anna Decker/Blog

I had the opportunity to attend the Enhancing Sales Force Productivity Conference recently at the University of Missouri. It’s an annual conference that brings together sales and marketing researchers from around the world to share their findings on using AI (artificial intelligence) to improve sales force management and performance. As the only commercial entity in attendance, we listened to several talks by academic experts and shared our own industry perspective in David’s keynote address. After two jam-packed days of networking, panel discussions, and research presentations, I came away with three main takeaways.

Aktana Brings Real-world Application of AI in Sales Productivity to Academic Conference

April 10, 2018/Aktana/Blog

Aktana CEO David Ehrlich presented the keynote address at the Enhancing Sales Force Productivity Conference, an annual international conference hosted by University of Missouri’s Trulaske College of Business. Marketing science experts from around the world attended this two-day event to share insights and learn cutting-edge approaches for using artificial intelligence (AI) in sales.

Unraveling Machine Learning Myths in Commercial Life Sciences

February 13, 2018/Matthew Van Wingerden/Blog

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), once mere buzzwords akin to flying cars and moving sidewalks, have become commonplace in nearly every industry. Despite this impressive value delivered in R&D, why are life sciences companies only just starting to adopt machine learning to drive commercial excellence?

V12 Increases Visibility and Control for Decision Support in the Field

January 20, 2018/James Wong/Blog

We kicked off the new year with enhancements primarily focused on increasing visibility and control for decision support in the field. Better visibility into rep behavior and suggestion dismissal reasons both promotes accountability and catalyzes improvement in brand strategy or execution. Among the most anticipated features of the V12 release include the following in the […]

A Sense of Déjà Vu: Aktana and MSD Present Together at the Veeva EU Summit

December 12, 2017/Aktana/Events

What can happen in a year? The calendar turns from month to month twelve times. A single champion is crowned in each major sports league around the world. And Aktana and MSD can increase their deployment of Veeva CRM Suggestions from one country to three, and one therapy to nine! In 2016, we presented the […]

Key Takeaways from PharmaForce 2017

October 11, 2017/Aktana/Big Data

PharmaForce is an annual conference uniquely focused on improving how sales and marketing teams can collaboratively address the complex challenges facing our changing industry. This was our first year attending, and we were fortunate to both participate on a panel and host an informational luncheon in addition to exhibiting at our booth. If you were […]

AI’s Success in Pharma Decision Support Relies on Domain Expertise

September 13, 2017/David Ehrlich/Decision Support

It doesn’t take a rocket data scientist to understand why sales and marketing teams across industries are being drawn to artificial intelligence (AI) like moths to a flame. The promises and prospective applications are nothing short of game-changing: Anticipate the needs and behavior of each customer. Predict which interactions will have the best outcomes. Create […]

After Rollout: Best Practices for Keeping Reps Engaged and Suggestions Fresh

You’ve identified your use cases, implemented your brand strategy and orchestrated a successful roll out to the field. But what happens next? As we all know, change is inevitable. Additional data sources become available, new competitors arise and, as a result, strategies change. If you want to achieve continued success with your decision support program, […]

More than Data: How Big Data Can Be More Human than Robot

August 1, 2017/Derek Choy/Big Data

Big data can sound, and is, high-tech. If you’re a pharmaceutical sales rep, big data might even sound a little threatening. (Based on the cliche depiction of big data—a swirling vortex of binary code swallowing up any shred of humanity that stands in its way—it’s an understandable reaction.) But here’s the truth: in a reality […]

Moving at the Speed of Pharma: Why Aktana Takes an Agile Approach

Being responsive to the ever-changing needs of the pharmaceutical market is an essential consideration for a company like Aktana. Our value proposition has always been the right information, in the right place, at the right time—a moving target that we must constantly pay attention to and adjust for in order to reach. There’s simply no […]