To build strong relationships with HCPs, every interaction counts. That’s why Aktana has spent over a decade developing an engine to transform your data and strategies into clear recommendations and personalized omnichannel experiences.

It’s powerful enough to bring together every type of data, campaign, or AI model, including anything you build in house. You can set practical guardrails, like how often an MSL should engage with a key opinion leader, or the maximum distance a rep could reasonably drive in a day. The engine analyzes the data, and using AI, it evaluates every potential customer experience, then recommends the next best action that will yield the highest strategic ROI.

How you define that value is up to you. Plug in your own models or configure Aktana’s to capture specific variables. Like the value of each HCP, or which scenario should be prioritized.

Next best actions are seamlessly delivered to your sales, marketing and medical teams within the tools they already use. And the engine is fully transparent, so everyone from field reps to brand leaders can understand the reasoning behind the AI. Most importantly, the engine learns from every engagement, looking at what worked and what didn’t, to make smarter suggestions and dynamically evolve strategy over time.

Ensure your team is making the most of every interaction with Aktana.