Your analytics & data-science teams are already developing effective omnichannel insights and models in-house. But now you’ve been tasked with expanding globally… and for multiple brands.

That’s why Aktana developed a platform that makes it easy to gather common components you’ve already created, establish global or regional standards, and then localize them. If you need to fill in gaps for specific regions, Aktana’s pre-built templates are perfect because they’re designed around common use-cases to save you time. We also make it easy to account for local nuances and provide you with “next-best actions” that are appropriate to each region… For example, pulling in patient support program data in Brazil, communicating via WeChat in China, or obtaining consent before visiting HCPs in the UK.

As your business processes evolve, or new data sources & functionality become available… your changes are centralized on the Aktana platform. This allows you to deliver increased value across regions & brands, and remain confident that you’re dynamically responding to unique HCP needs in all your markets.

Innovate once and deploy globally with Aktana.