As face time with physicians continues to dwindle, marketing automation has become an indispensable tool in the pharma sales arsenal. Today, these platforms can be directly integrated into a company’s CRM. Adding a Data Science Partner to pre-synthesize this new stream of information unlocks even more advantages, ensuring that reps have clear direction and brand messaging stays consistent.

Aktana’s MA Connector makes true coordination possible by evaluating marketing-automation-triggered suggestions within the context of a rep’s existing priorities and triggering non-personal actions from HQ when necessary. Even better? Through partnerships with Marketo and Epsilon, as well as Salesforce and Adobe via Veeva, Aktana easily works with the major marketing automation providers you already use and trust.

Integrate Marketing Automation without Overwhelming the Rep

Break down silos and eliminate conflicting messaging

Aktana synthesizes suggestions triggered by marketing automation and brand strategy into one feed, removing any redundant or competing recommendations from the rep’s workflow.

Maintain consistent messaging across rep- and HQ-triggered channels

To ensure that strategic touch points are not missed, Aktana’s MA Connector allows the DSE to trigger non-personal activity as well. If a rep dismisses a critical suggestion for example, Aktana can automatically send an HQ email in its place.

Adapt suggestions to real-world complexities

By accounting for a rep’s existing priorities and constraints, and enriching all suggestions with pre-synthesized insights, Aktana’s DSE helps reps determine whether or not proposed actions make sense to execute.

Prioritize actions for maximum clarity and impact

Aktana’s DSE considers suggestions triggered by every source, issuing an achievable list of prioritized tasks that won’t overwhelm the rep.

Coordinated Multichannel Marketing

When your data science partner and marketing automation platform communicate, suggestions across all channels are more agile, lead scoring is more accurate and customer journeys are more strategic. Ask our team how Aktana’s MA Connector can align your sales and marketing strategies today.

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