April 28, 2022/Aktana/

Aktana’s CEO, David Ehrlich, joined David E. Williams on the HealthBiz podcast to talk about his personal connection to the healthcare industry, Aktana’s take on AI, and how Aktana’s advances in contextual intelligence are guiding the life sciences industry through its urgent shift to omnichannel engagement.

March 22, 2022/Aktana/

The once-upon-a-time hurdles to AI for small to mid-size pharma organizations—cost, tech maturity, and culture—are no longer barriers preventing commercial success. Featuring Vincent Cerio at Almirall, a recent article by Alan Kalton breaks down how new approaches to deploying AI are bringing the cost of ownership down while driving impact, flexibility and accessibility way up.

February 28, 2022/Aktana/

Aktana’s Jonny Rawlinson shares three tips for designing an omnichannel AI ecosystem that maximizes investments while remaining nimble in today’s dynamic and competitive market. Read the full MedCity News article here.

February 24, 2022/Aktana/

Aktana’s director of strategic alliances and business development, Jonny Rawlinson, explains how designing an omnichannel AI ecosystem that integrates strategies and tools can maximize commercial success for life sciences companies. Veeva’s vice president of commercial strategy, Andy Fuchs, also weighs in.

February 14, 2022/Aktana/

When it comes to omnichannel and AI, commercial pharma is ready to step on the gas. Read more in a new article by Pharmaceutical Executive about commercial’s rapidly growing digital maturity featuring insights from Aktana’s co-founder, Derek Choy.

January 28, 2022/Aktana/

“With the pressure still on pharma to innovate quickly and to adapt business operations for the digital world, the use cases for AI are increasing in stride,” writes Meagan Parrish of PharmaVoice. The publication spoke to Aktana’s Derek Choy and other industry leaders about the promise and acceleration of AI in life sciences.

January 19, 2022/Aktana/

What can other digitally leading industries teach the life sciences industry about implementing omnichannel? Bruce Carlson outlines 3 key learnings featuring Ganes Kesari of Gramener and Ian Liu of Alorica. Read the Med Ad News article here.

January 11, 2022/Aktana/

Which technology trends will define the life sciences industry in 2022? Aktana’s Owen Bidder and Matthew Van Windergen join other industry leaders from Veeva, Medable and more to share their predictions with Applied Clinical Trials. Read the full article here.

January 6, 2022/Aktana/

In 2021, we crossed a milestone of 30 million next-best-engagement (NBE) suggestions, including a 45% YOY increase in AI-driven omnichannel actions that directly impacted the customer experience of 700,000+ HCPs. Read the PharmExec article here:

December 22, 2021/Aktana/

What trends will define pharma marketing in 2022? Aktana’s Derek Choy spoke to Endpoints News about the acceleration of AI adoption and large-scale rollouts across the industry. Read the full article here.