Aktana’s Clay Hausmann Interviews Grünenthal’s Florent Edouard for PharmExec

July 21, 2021/Aktana/

Can AI bring humanity back to the customer experience? Clay Hausmann speaks to Grünenthal’s Florent Edouard about using AI to personalize HCP engagement and overcoming obstacles to digital transformation. Read the full article here.

Aktana’s Alan Kalton & Graham Rapier Debunk AI Myths for MedAdNews

July 1, 2021/Aktana/

Alan Kalton and Graham Rapier reveal the top 5 AI myths stalling your digital transformation journey. Read the full article for MedAdNews here.

The Medicine Maker Features Aktana’s Alan Kalton

June 22, 2021/Aktana/

Alan Kalton speaks to the Medicine Maker about how different size pharma organizations are handling AI adoption and why using AI to improve the patient experience is a golden opportunity that can’t be missed. Read the full article here.

PM360 Spotlights Advice from Aktana’s Alan Kalton

June 10, 2021/Aktana/

The pandemic introduced new ways of working—and new customer expectations. With many HCPs oversaturated with digital marketing, AI-enabled optimization offers a proven path to personalization. Alan Kalton shares advice for upping your digital game. Read the full article here.

5 Lessons Learned from a Pandemic – Annika Hibbits of Novartis with Aktana’s James Anderson & Bruce Carlson for HS&M Magazine

May 11, 2021/Aktana/

After a year of necessity-driven digital transformation, pharma is set to enter its greatest era of personalization and efficiency yet. Annika Hibbits of Novartis joins Aktana’s James Anderson and Bruce Carlson to share their biggest lessons learned from the pandemic with Healthcare Sales & Marketing Magazine. Read the full article here.

Aktana’s Alan Kalton & Graham Rapier Reveal the 5 Most Perpetuated AI Myths for PharmExec

May 6, 2021/Aktana/

Alan Kalton & Graham Rapier talk through the Top 5 AI Myths getting in the way of your digital transformation efforts. Read the full article here.

5 AI Discoveries Generated by COVID-19 – Aktana’s James Anderson and Bruce Carlson for Bio-IT World

April 13, 2021/Aktana/

The pandemic pressure-tested several key commercial shifts that pharma has been talking about for years. James Anderson and Bruce Carlson reflect on what we’ve learned about the future of HCP engagement for Bio-IT world. Read the full article here.

Coruzant Technologies Features Aktana’s James Anderson

April 13, 2021/Aktana/

By empowering leaner teams to reach HCPs more efficiently, AI is set to be the great commercial equalizer for emerging and mid-sized pharma. James Anderson breaks down how AI can help SMB organizations thrive in a dynamic market for Coruzant Technologies. Read the full article here.

5 AI Lessons Learned During COVID-19 – James Anderson for MedCity News

April 7, 2021/Aktana/

On the other side of the pandemic lies a new era of innovation for the life sciences industry—especially when it comes to HCP engagement. Aktana’s James Anderson shares five key takeaways for using AI to transform commercial execution with MedCity News. Read the full article here.  

COVID & Everything After, Aktana’s Jay Borowiecki speaks to MedAdNews

March 1, 2021/Aktana/

From remote engagement to AI-driven personalization, COVID’s impact on the pharma industry will be felt long after the pandemic subsides. Jay Borowiecki and other industry leaders predict which changes will fade and which will redefine the way we engage with HCPs for MedAdNews. Read the full article here.