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Comprehensive intelligent engagement solution incorporates data and insights across all relevant sources to create a personalized, omnichannel customer experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)–Today, Aktana, the pioneer in intelligent engagement for the life sciences industry, introduces its next-generation Contextual Intelligence Engine to optimize interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine combines advanced artificial intelligence technologies and human intelligence to align life sciences commercial teams’ engagement with HCPs across channels.

The global AI healthcare market is set to hit $13 billion by 2025.1 Life sciences companies are investing in AI across many areas, with commercial showing some of the most effective real-life applications. With nearly 300 deployments across more than 50 use cases, Aktana has been refining its commercial life sciences intelligence platform for more than a decade. Half of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis, Pfizer, and Bayer, rely on Aktana to put complex data into context, coordinate channel activity, and improve go-to-market effectiveness.

Now, Aktana delivers a comprehensive new solution that learns from every engagement to continuously improve the customer experience. Aktana blends the right combination of machine learning, explainable AI (xAI), human intelligence, and other advanced technologies to mine data and insights from all sources – from prescribing habits and patient demographics to past brand interactions and field rep insights. Dynamic, real-time recommendations ensure sales reps and marketing teams work synergistically. The same technology also supports medical liaisons in their efforts to educate HCPs about new therapies. All teams are empowered to create more meaningful HCP partnerships that continuously evolve.

Three Key Features of Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine

  1. Relevance Amplifier: Captures and condenses the most critical information for each HCP to enhance AI with real-world context and streamline the process of deciding which data matters and how to apply it.
  2. NBA Advanced Processor: Provides users with next-best-actions informed by 10 years and 21 software releases of ongoing refinement. The NBA Advanced Processor also gets smarter with every suggestion served – more than 19 million just since 2018.
  3. Contextual Balancing: Continually evaluates all characteristics of an HCP interaction, from channel preference and feasibility to pacing and location, to apply the right mix of AI tools, at the right time, for maximum commercial impact.

Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine puts sales and marketing on the same team by providing field reps with daily, actionable suggestions that incorporate data from marketing and are effective in any HCP engagement, whether remote or in person. Likewise, it gives marketing the tools to design and deploy AI-driven, omnichannel journeys that automatically select the right channels, content, and cadence. Medical liaisons cultivate richer scientific partnerships with key experts, too, using the Engine’s data-driven suggestions and insights.

“Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine digitizes, analyzes, and incorporates every piece of feedback to personalize the customer experience, no matter the scale or location of the pharma company,” said Mike Weber, vice president of product management at Aktana. “At a time when access is challenged and HCP time is even more burdened by new methods of communication and care, Aktana’s contextual approach ensures that the information HCPs receive is tuned to their specific needs and preferences.”

From webinars to virtual visits, the thousands of daily interactions between brands and HCPs across all channels serve as crucial new data points for ongoing strategy refinement, which is incorporated in real-time for the benefit of every user. This combination of technology and human knowledge is essential for commercial AI solutions, empowering all teams to provide their insight and take intelligent action with confidence.

Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence Engine is available now. Learn more in this video or read our new blog series on contextual intelligence.

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