January 25, 2023/Aktana/

  Your analytics & data-science teams are already developing effective omnichannel insights and models in-house. But now you’ve been tasked with expanding globally… and for multiple brands. That’s why Aktana developed a platform that makes it easy to gather common components you’ve already created, establish global or regional standards, and then localize them. If you […]

October 13, 2022/Carly Maguire/

  We’ve come a long way from being the rules company. Aktana uses true machine learning in three key areas, including in the optimization of our Contextual Intelligence Engine, which provides the foundation of our solution.

October 11, 2022/Carly Maguire/

  Aktana CEO, David Ehrlich, details the four challenges faced when building a commercial intelligence solution for the life sciences industry – and how Aktana has overcome these obstacles.

September 8, 2022/Carly Maguire/

  When it comes to getting started with omnichannel, don’t let the quest for perfection stall progress. Aktana’s Clay Hausmann explains why you don’t have to solve everything right out of the gate.

August 25, 2022/Carly Maguire/

  Aktana CEO, David Ehrlich, breaks down why intelligence should be the power position in your go-to-market value chain.

July 22, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

AKTANAのSales Change Detectionは、AIを使用して売上や処方の変動を検出することで、MRや本社の方々はリアルタイムに市場変化のリスクへ積極的に対応することができます。このビデオでは、その方法を紹介しています。