April 15, 2024/Shakeh Asminian/

Ensure your data is ready to support AI-driven decisions with our Data Readiness Assessment. Data readiness is foundational to success for all NBA programs. Our cost-effective Data Readiness Assessment will provide you with: A strategic roadmap for future data collection and utilization, ensuring your strategies evolve seamlessly with your data. An alignment check to gauge […]

April 12, 2024/Shakeh Asminian/

Learn from our curated collection of the “13 Best Practices” for Next Best Action programs.  These 13 best practices come from our extensive real-world experience with more than 350 active NBA deployments around the globe with leading pharmaceutical companies. By embracing these strategies, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies can optimize every interaction, ensuring a superior […]

March 13, 2024/Shakeh Asminian/

Welcome to our Omnichannel FAQ guide tailored specifically for the Medical Device industry. Here you’ll find answers to common questions regarding omnichannel strategies for commercial MedTech teams. Medical Device companies in the top third of omnichannel maturity are experiencing 2x revenue growth compared to companies with average maturity. This indicates a substantial opportunity for businesses […]

June 8, 2023/Carly Maguire/

A practical reference for enriching your medical affairs team with omnichannel intelligence The channels that physicians and medical affairs teams use for scientific exchange have multiplied with the adoption of digital communication platforms. Personalization is now essential for preventing redundancy and avoiding notification overload. An intelligence-driven omnichannel approach is the best way to personalize KOL […]