Plan with precision and synchronize refinements in real-time for optimal performance.

Aktana’s Strategy Suite is comprised of three AI-powered products – Strategy Console, Tactic Genie and Impact Simulator – to give commercial and medical leaders unique visibility and influence over campaign performance.

Built on Aktana’s industry-leading platform, these products ensure product planning is perfected with immediate intelligence.

When paired with Aktana Copilot, Strategy Suite offers seamless end-to-end intelligence orchestration from pre-launch to post-launch.

Strategy Suite
AI-powered products to align priorities and resources instantly to achieve the best operational outcomes, while delivering deeper HCP engagement and loyalty.
Strategy Console

See how your NBA strategies are driving critical KPIs and make real-time adjustments in a single view to increase market share across a variety of metrics.

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Tactic Genie

With Aktana’s proprietary blended-AI powering the redesign of tactics, achieve positive changes with 5-10x faster turnaround than ever before.

Impact Simulator

Take the risk out of your customer engagement programs with AI-enriched simulations. (Coming Q1 2025)

Assess & modify your strategy & tactics in real-time

Strategy Suite provides leaders a personalized view on the progress of priority KPIs, while using AI to connect which strategy is driving a specific result. Required modifications to either strategy or tactics can be created, approved and implemented in real-time across stakeholders and channels – and via mobile devices with Aktana Copilot.

Close the time gap between insight & action

The latest AI technologies automate identification and deployment of changes to strategies and tactics for an optimal mix of cost and impact. Organizations can increase confidence and speed by projecting, simulating and sharing program details BEFORE they are launched.

Enhance your Next Best Action programs no matter how they're set up

Strategy Suite is modular and can be used on top of any existing Next Best Action technology. You can use Aktana’s data analytics, bring your own, or a combination of both. Strategy Suite can also be powered by your own AI or that of a third party.