January 11, 2022/Aktana/

Which technology trends will define the life sciences industry in 2022? Aktana’s Owen Bidder and Matthew Van Windergen join other industry leaders from Veeva, Medable and more to share their predictions with Applied Clinical Trials. Read the full article here.

January 6, 2022/Aktana/

In 2021, we crossed a milestone of 30 million next-best-engagement (NBE) suggestions, including a 45% YOY increase in AI-driven omnichannel actions that directly impacted the customer experience of 700,000+ HCPs. Read the PharmExec article here:

December 22, 2021/Aktana/

What trends will define pharma marketing in 2022? Aktana’s Derek Choy spoke to Endpoints News about the acceleration of AI adoption and large-scale rollouts across the industry. Read the full article here.

December 16, 2021/Aktana/

James Anderson speaks with PM360 about automating the more time-consuming marketing tasks and how trust in AI is pivotal to help drive productivity and execution. Read the full article here.

December 15, 2021/Aktana/

2021年に使用されるAktana ネクスト・ベスト・エンゲージメント(NBE)推奨が45%増加、ライフサイエンス業界における人工知能(AI)導入の急拡大を示す 一連の業界のマイルストーンは、AI導入戦略の転換を示し、地域やブランドを超えて幅広くAIプログラムを加速させる製薬企業が増加していることを示す

December 14, 2021/Aktana/

We’re excited to announce that Aktana has received an Innovations Award from PM360 magazine for the second year in a row! This year’s award recognizes Contextual Intelligence 360, our new modular offering that makes AI more transparent, contextual and ready for widespread adoption across the global life sciences industry.

November 17, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

After 20 fantastic years, PharmaVOICE has released their “Last Magazine” featuring two decades of reflections as well as current predictions from our industry’s thought leaders, including Aktana’s Alan Kalton! Read his take on the next frontier for the life-sciences industry and how it includes trusted, one-to-one physician partnerships facilitated by AI. Wishing the PharmaVOICE team […]

November 16, 2021/Aktana/

AktanaとCantab Pi、医師とのエンゲージメントを最適化するために、 200万人以上の医師データセットと予測分析を大規模に統合 NovartisがAktanaとCantab Piの統合分析プラットフォームを初めて採用 以下の参考資料について この資料は、米国Aktana Inc.が2021年11月16日(米国現地時間)に発表したプレスリリースの一部を日本語に翻訳再編集し、皆さまのご参考に供するものです。正式言語は英語であり、その内容及び解釈については英語が優先されます。 オリジナルのプレスリリースは https://www.aktana.com/news/ をご参照ください。

October 27, 2021/Aktana/

  Aktana、Ople.AIの機械学習自動化技術を買収   高度なデータ分析技術への継続的な投資により、グローバルなコマーシャルライフサイエンス業 界におけるAIへのアクセスと導入を加速

October 19, 2021/Aktana/

Clay Hausmann walks us through Francesca Wuttke’s innovative Digital Garden program and cherry-picks the five key takeaways learned from Almirall’s progressive journey to data-driven digital transformation. Read more in PharmExec: https://www.pharmexec.com/view/almirall-s-garden-of-innovation