December 13, 2023/Aktana/

Exploring Next Year’s Medical Affairs Outlook. LifeSciencesIntelligence explores trends in medical affairs in 2023 and upcoming 2024 predictions with Deepak Patil.

August 29, 2023/Carly Maguire/

Derek Choy explores the ways life sciences companies can harness the power of generative AI through fine-tuning and prompt engineering to gain a competitive edge, accelerate decision-making, and enhance customer engagement. Read more in MedCity News.

June 26, 2023/Aktana/

From manufacturing to marketing, few business sectors have not already been impacted by the emergence of generative AI/Large Language Models (LLMs). While it is still too early to predict exactly how they will impact pharmaceutical commercialization, several promising use cases are already emerging. Read more in PM360.

June 6, 2023/Aktana/,

Aktana Announces Contextual Intelligence 360 for Pharma Product Launch Quick-to-deploy offering improves product launch success for life sciences companies facing looming patent cliff and smaller pipeline SAN FRANCISCO, June 6, 2023 (BUSINESSWIRE) – Aktana, the leader in intelligent customer engagement for the global life sciences industry, announces its market-leading platform and engine, Contextual Intelligence 360 […]

May 9, 2023/Aktana/

It is more important than ever to arm customer-facing teams with Next Best Action (NBA) recommendations to improve their engagement and coordination with HCPs and relevant medical staff. But what does “best” really mean? Read more in Pharmaphorum.

March 17, 2023/Aktana/

Deepak unpacks how effective KOL engagement, empathy-driven relationships, and AI-powered insights can transform your interactions with key opinion leaders, streamline collaboration, and ultimately enhance patient care.

March 13, 2023/Aktana/

Eva Martins, global head of customer engagement at Sanofi, shares advice for driving transformation and breaking barriers as a woman in tech. 

February 28, 2023/Aktana/

Derek Choy contributes his thoughts to “Rise of the Machines,” bringing together the perspective of life sciences industry leaders about the impact of AI, omnichannel, and other trends that pharma marketers need to know. Read the February digital edition of MedAd News on Pharmalive.

January 12, 2023/Aktana/

From the widening gap between AI-users and those companies still holding out; to the next evolution in AI, and how companies will seek to make it more practical on a global scale; to the impact of AI on leveraging digital opinion leaders to get more clinical evidence in the hands of doctors, Aktana offers its […]

December 15, 2022/Aktana/

AI tools can bring a new level of insight to MSL tasks and result in better outcomes for the patient, the HCP, and the pharmaceutical research enterprise. Read more on Pharmalive.