June 7, 2022/Shakeh Asminian/

Amplifying Business Value with AI through a Connected Omnichannel Ecosystem In this session, we cover: What is the ultimate business value of omnichannel and how AI can help realize its full potential?  What are the common challenges faced when building out your commercial software ecosystems? In the past 2 years, we’ve generated a huge amount […]

March 18, 2022/Shakeh Asminian/

The Perfect Data Myth: What You Really Need to Start Seeing Impact from Omnichannel In this session, we cover: How we should be evaluating the impact of our omnichannel investments, and how we can measure whether or not we’re positively impacting the customer experience What common misconceptions life sciences organizations have about their readiness to […]

December 27, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

Chat: We can be Heroes – Pharma’s Purposeful 2022 Outlook Pharma’s transformation journey is still ongoing, but more than ever, we’re searching to deliver more meaningful, high-value experiences to patients, payers and physicians.   From commercial excellence to making patient-centricity a reality, this conversation explores the challenges and opportunities of the upcoming year. In this […]

October 12, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

  『アナリティクスの価値を最大限引き出す Aktanaコンサルティングサービス』 2021年9月30日に行われました「Medinew Digital Marketing Day 2021」にて、弊社のアナリティクス・コンサルティング・ディレクターである小林哲郎が『アナリティクスの価値を最大限引き出す Aktanaコンサルティングサービス』と題して講演しました。講演の後半は、ノバルティスファーマ株式会社の山田俊範様にもご登壇いただき、データ分析等に関するトークセッションを行いました。

September 27, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

From Siloed to Synched at Scale: Migrating to a Collaborative, Omnichannel Commercial Model In this session, we cover: How the most successful omnichannel programs bring brand, field, and intelligence together to create seamless customer experiences for HCPs How different organizations are working effectively across teams to coordinate meaningful customer journeys and deliver true omnichannel at […]

July 5, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

Move From a Field Force to Hyper-Specialized Partners for HCP’s Session topics Assess a new hybrid sales and marketing model combining sales reps with data-driven support throughout the customer journey Prioritize inbound marketing through digital marketing campaigns to replenish reps’ sales funnels throughout the year Revamp how you engage with practitioners and patients through less […]

June 21, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

“Digital channels haven’t just changed for the pandemic. They’ve changed permanently.” – Greg Carpenter, Sr. Director, US Transformation Lead for Sanofi General Medicines After being thrown into the digital deep end, the life sciences industry has finally evolved to a fully mixed model of engagement. Now, it’s time for pharma to reimagine what a meaningful […]

May 17, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

We were thrilled to watch our VP of Services Effectiveness and Innovation, Bruce Carlson, share the virtual stage with Ferring’s Global Head of Digital Excellence, Haider Alleg, and José Maria Guido Avila, Global Brand Lead HCP Marketing at Sanofi, to discuss what the future of commercial pharma will look like when the field force can […]

May 3, 2021/Shakeh Asminian/

For emerging and mid-sized biopharma, this webinar offers the ultimate guide for how any size company can deliver a personalized omnichannel experience for HCP outreach using AI-driven insights. Hear Sal Paolozza, Senior Director of Sales Operation at Antares Pharma, Doug Caldwell, VP, Commercial Strategy at Veeva and Matthew Van Wingerden, VP of Product Management at […]