Consider the life of a physician today. Countless hours spent on electronic health records and administrative tasks that steal the time and energy needed to provide excellent patient care. Many resources exist to inform that patient care, but the time to search for them is scarce.

Now consider the life sciences company trying to provide that helpful information, caught between a legacy system centered around the sales rep interaction and the emerging but confusing multichannel model. Many team cycles are spent trying to adapt, but bottom line results lag behind expectations.

Aktana transforms the commercial engagement model to make each interaction more effective with data science and intelligence.

United by the Aktana platform, each key stakeholder in the commercial process – brand, ops, sales, IT and analytics – works together to deliver a more personalized and responsive experience for each HCP. Carefully applied AI and machine learning put customer desire at the center and adapt commercial strategy to it. Our customers can connect strategy to execution across every channel, identify what’s working, and optimize campaign strategy on the fly.

We know that change is a constant. As HCP behaviors and needs change regularly, it becomes more and more difficult to navigate. We help our customers recognize change and then make the data-driven decisions to lead it.