Identify performance gaps in execution strategy & instantly adjust tactics

For the first time, brand, commercial and medical leaders can identify critical connections between omnichannel strategies and regional brand performance. Strategy Console provides a personalized view of the specific KPIs that matter most to your Next Best Action strategies through a unified and real-time view of WHY and HOW things need to change.

Confidently know how your strategies are performing…

Drive next steps with clarity through AI-driven “nudges” and other notifications of underperforming tactics and immediately make adjustments to refine and improve.

…& drive swift changes through the entire commercial team

Prescriptive, AI-guided visibility and recommendations create clear calls to action (CTAs) that help drive improved rep/MSL behavior and HCP reach. 

Strategy Console Benefits
Cycle plan attainment

Measure and set targets across channels, brands and teams, then generate tactics that drive increases in cycle plan attainment. 

HCP journey progression

Using your own segmentation or Aktana’s monthly Customer Journey Segmentation model, create flows designed to progress your HCP’s up the adoption ladder.

Market share growth

Increase or maintain market share across a variety of metrics like TRx, NBRx, NRx, and specify targets that match where you are in the product lifecycle.