October 19, 2017/Aktana/

Advanced new capabilities like targeting and message sequence optimization improve rep engagement with HCPs and alignment across channels

San Francisco – October 17, 2017 – Aktana, the pioneer in decision support for global life science companies, today announced the latest release of its cloud-based platform with a number of innovative features designed to help brand teams more accurately and effectively carry out their brand strategies, resulting in greater impact.

“Aktana’s approach has always been focused on closing the sales and marketing loop, leveraging machine learning to continually optimize and refine those efforts,” said Derek Choy, co-founder and COO, Aktana. “Each new capability in this release is meant to achieve one of two goals: to enhance the strategy design process so it’s more dynamically responsive to market changes or to improve the accuracy of message delivery in ways that match how physicians want to receive information today.”

Aktana’s decision support platform is already utilized by more than half of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world. The marketing and sales departments of these companies leverage Aktana to coordinate how automated and personal communication reach physicians. Integrated directly into existing CRM and marketing automation platforms, Aktana ensures that reps and marketers perform as one team to deliver information in a timely manner so physicians can provide better care to their patients.

Highlights of new capabilities and their benefits include:

  • Dynamic brand prioritization: As reps juggle multiple product initiatives, prioritization plays a key role. Brand priorities can now be dynamically adjusted, driven by uncompleted targets or sales and engagement metrics, to ensure the most important suggestions are presented first.
  • TargetingPlus: Target assignment is now streamlined based on segmentation strategy and capacity constraints. These targets can also be adjusted to reflect changing market dynamics in between quarterly or monthly updates.
  • Suggestions simulator: Simulation tools are available to better understand how brand strategy is brought to life in the Aktana configuration. As refinements are made, users can immediately see how any changes impact the suggestions and insights presented to reps.
  • Rep engagement module: Aktana’s machine learning can predict which rep, account, and channel are most optimal for any given day and tailor suggestions accordingly. This drives improved engagement by showing the right suggestions at the right time.
  • Message sequence optimization: In order to increase message open rates, Aktana optimizes the sequence of messages delivered to physicians, using machine learning on historical data to predict the likely HCP response.
  • Factor-level reports: New enhanced reports provide visibility into how frequently certain types of suggestions are created, and how they correlate to acceptance or dismissal. Armed with this knowledge, brand teams can simplify strategies down to what matters most.
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