November 29, 2017/Aktana/

Addition of Partners Prognos and SHYFT Analytics Enhance the Accuracy of Next-Best-Action Recommendations and Expand Use Case Relevance

San Francisco, CA – November 28, 2017 – Aktana, the pioneer in decision support for global life science companies, today announced the launch of the Analytics Partner Program with initial partners, Prognos and SHYFT Analytics. The program will provide richer, high-quality data sources and advanced analytics to enhance suggestions and insights delivered to pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams.

The analytics partner program will include two types of companies primarily: 1) those who generate unique data assets focused on specialty markets or therapies, and 2) those who perform data consolidation and standardization across multiple existing data sources. Each partnership is designed to speed implementation and generate faster revenue improvement. And because each analytics partner is an integrated part of an Aktana deployment, the normal customer burden of managing multiple vendors is significantly reduced.

“As pharmaceutical companies grapple with putting immense amounts of data into action, Aktana focuses on finding the nuggets of true value within,” said James Wong, vice president of product management, Aktana. “By expanding our roster of data partners and the information they provide through our platform, we can now deliver value more quickly and across even more use cases, from primary care to specialty care to oncology.”


Prognos applies AI and advanced analytics to diagnostic information to enable earlier and better decision-making by healthcare providers. As lab results drive about 70% of medical decisions, the addition of the Prognos Registry, which contains 13 billion medical records for 175 million patients, will significantly enhance Aktana’s use cases in specialty care and oncology. Prognos solutions, integrated with the Aktana platform, will optimize promotional allocation through real-time data and AI-enabled, forward-looking intelligence, helping life science brands prioritize physician practices treating specific at-risk or recently diagnosed patients.

“The partnership between Prognos and Aktana will allow life science organizations to see in real time which physicians have relevant patients and why a particular therapy may work best for that patient,” said Prognos COO, Lisa Kerber. “This approach allows organizations to appropriately allocate their resources to educate physicians on treatment options, increasing their sales force efficiency.” 

SHYFT Analytics

SHYFT’s Data and Analytics Platform seamlessly manages hundreds of multi-terabyte clinical and commercial data sources, while making them immediately exploitable for insight. SHYFT brings a consistently rigorous approach to all facets of life science data management from data integration and integrity to normalization, processing and transformation. Because of this rigor at the data level, Aktana’s suggestions and insights to sales and marketing teams will be even more accurate and up-to-date.

“SHYFT’s products deliver data and on-demand analytics to life sciences companies so that they can move confidently and purposefully towards developing and providing patients with life-saving therapies,” said Alex Sitbon, head of product management at SHYFT.  “A SHYFT/Aktana partnership accelerates the delivery of critical insights to teams across the enterprise with a focus that fits squarely within this vision.”

It’s an explosive moment in AI technologies with the ability to affect brands strategies on a granular level like never before. In a recent report, Gartner predicted that by 2019, startups will overtake Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft in driving the artificial intelligence economy with disruptive business solutions. However, AI/machine learning systems are only as valuable as the data they learn from. By seamless integrating data, decision support and CRM platforms, Aktana can turn information into impact for life science brands of all kinds.

“Our partnership program is about the quality and quantity of data provided, coupled with a common philosophy around using information to help physicians provide better care.  The more quality data sets we can feed our engine, the stronger and more robust our offering becomes,” said James. “And with the caliber of partners to whom we are talking, the best is yet to come.”

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