May 13, 2019/Aktana/

Patient-level insights from 15 million daily clinical encounters are delivered directly to commercial teams to enhance decision-making at the time of provider engagement

SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 13, 2019 – Aktana, a pioneer in AI-enabled decision support for global life science companies, and Komodo Health, the healthcare AI company that’s built the most complete map of patient journeys in the US, today announce a new partnership to offer a prebuilt integration between Komodo Health’s Healthcare Map and Aktana Decision Support.

The prebuilt integration will seamlessly embed Komodo Health’s patient-level clinical insights from more than 50 billion clinical interactions into Aktana Decision Support to deliver intelligent suggestions and insights to sales and marketing teams directly in their workflows. These “next-best-action” recommendations use artificial intelligence (AI) to offer prioritized guidance on healthcare provider (HCP) engagement. With timely insights from complete patient journeys, commercial teams can provide a highly relevant and engaging HCP experience.

Commercial teams will benefit from a streamlined deployment and be able to:

  • Identify HCPs with underdiagnosed patients to guide messaging and outreach
  • Align product positioning to the patient journey in real time to hyper-personalize service to HCPs
  • Leverage Komodo Health’s capability to dynamically configure patient cohorts based on any set of criteria

“Our partnership with Komodo Health enables commercial teams to bring a whole new level of value to HCPs, based on what they care about the most – the patient,” explained Mike Weber, VP of Product, Aktana. “By tailoring engagement to the unique characteristics of the HCP’s patient population, life sciences sales reps and marketers can ensure their outreach stands apart as highly relevant and timely for a better customer experience.”

“Healthcare professionals can make the best decisions for patients when they have the most robust and timely information. Through our partnership with Aktana, we can equip customers to transform how they share information with HCPs to drive better patient outcomes,” said Aswin Chandrakantan, M.D., Head of Product and Chief Medical Officer, Komodo Health.

Collectively, Aktana and Komodo Health serve 19 of the top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies.

About Komodo Health

Komodo Health has assembled the largest and most comprehensive picture of patient journeys across the US healthcare system. Its Healthcare Map links over 150 payer complete datasets, providing real-time and longitudinal data on the complete healthcare journeys of more than 300 million US patients, and combines over 50 billion clinical encounters with 15 million new encounters every day.

Komodo Health’s AI platform cross-links patient journey data with other medical and healthcare data to extract new insights from those linkages. It surfaces insights, clinical alerts and predictive analytics tailored to specific patient cohorts, which are delivered through Komodo Health’s end user products and enterprise partnerships.  Komodo Health empowers clients to better understand disease burden, identify patient cohorts, predict disease progression, improve standards of care, and drive adoption of new therapies. For more information, visit