October 27, 2021/Aktana/

Aktana Acquires Ople.AI’s Machine Learning Automation Technology

Continued investment in advanced data analytics technology accelerates AI accessibility and adoption across the global commercial life sciences industry

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Aktana, the leader in intelligent customer engagement for the global life sciences industry, today announced its acquisition of Ople.AI’s machine learning automation technology. The addition will put the power of AI into the hands of non-data scientists, making it easier for life sciences companies of all sizes, especially emerging or mid-market companies that may not have large data science teams, to leverage AI. With Ople.AI’s technology, Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence 360 will accelerate AI adoption across commercial decision-makers to help them solve complex omnichannel engagement challenges while building user trust with transparent explanations.

The pressure for life sciences companies to adopt AI was already mounting before the COVID-19 pandemic as the technology delivered returns to early adopters. Now, AI is high on nearly every pharmaceutical executive’s priority list, with many companies applying AI to quickly triage the many challenges they face in today’s rapidly evolving, digital-first landscape. More than ever, leaders need to empower broader teams—not just tech talent—to use AI to accelerate decision-making, improve efficiency, and promote creative problem-solving as the next normal unfolds.

By integrating Ople.AI’s machine learning automation technology, Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence 360 further democratizes AI for life sciences companies by simplifying the building and deployment of machine learning with intuitive wizards and back-end automation. As a result, users—even those without a technical background—will be able to efficiently create and manage their own models on Aktana’s platform. Aktana will also add to its growing library of pre-built machine learning models, which deliver more transparent and contextual explanations to counter the “black box” frustration of many outdated next-best-action solutions and foster greater user adoption.

“Ople.AI’s technology aligns with our mission: to make it easier for the entire commercial life sciences industry to leverage the power of AI and machine learning technologies,” said Dmitri Daveynis, senior vice president of engineering and CTO at Aktana. “We are continuing to invest in the right components that not only empower business users to implement AI but that also create greater trust in data-driven insights and recommendations.”

About Aktana

Aktana is the category creator and leader of intelligent engagement in the global life sciences industry. By ensuring that every customer experience is tailored to individual preferences and needs, Aktana helps life science companies strengthen their relationships with healthcare providers to inspire better patient care. Today, commercial and medical teams from nearly 300 brands use Aktana’s AI-enabled Contextual Intelligence Engine to coordinate and optimize personalized omnichannel engagement at scale. More than half of the top-20 global pharmaceutical companies are Aktana customers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Aktana has offices in every major biopharma region around the world. For more information, visit www.aktana.com.


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