Watch experts from top life sciences companies share how machine learning is impacting commercial processes in the industry.


Video Transcript:

Speaker 1: There’s a lot of opportunity for sales and marketing to use machine learning to better serve the customer.

Speaker 2: The most important part of this and what we’ve seen so far is that it’s a more personalized engagement. Customers feel that, (and) the reps feel that which is what drives the rep engagement. 

But the action that’s specific to an individual customer, or content specific to an individual customer drives a much more personalized conversation at the customer level, which is ultimately what’s going to drive our business. 

Speaker 3: And you have a much better understanding of what to do, how to execute, all of the factors that you’d be looking at on a day-to-day basis, which allows you to make not only better decisions but hopefully, take less time to make those decisions.

Speaker 2: In lung cancer where that physician may see many, many patients, even in a given week, to be able to send that data to a rep to go action on can be overwhelming.

And so with the technology we’ve got here, we’ve actually been able to build single, next-step actions and prioritize them, and give this customer this message at this time based on this data point.

Speaker 1: So if we can use machine learning and bring data to life so that we can actually see the customer journey, not just from sales perspective, and not just from marketing perspectives, but what is the customer’s journey with our product, with our message?

Where is it coming from? When are they engaging with it? That is invaluable.