A regional business manager at a top pharmaceutical company discusses how intelligent engagement helps reps overcome habit and use data more effectively.


Video Transcript:

One of the hardest things as a rep is, you don’t realize how strong your own bias is and you operate off of a lot of habit and a lot of assumptions about what you think you know, as opposed to what’s actually true.

I’m a regional business manager so I oversee a team of 10 sales reps.

If you ask a rep, “Do I need help making decisions?”

They would probably say, “No. I make great decisions.” Right?

But what we don’t realize is, we’re making decisions with only a sliver of the information.

I think for my team, I would like to see suggestions and next best actions override some of that habit and assumption that they operate off of.

I like the idea of decision support as opposed to replacing their own decision-making ability.

It’ll give them the opportunity to look at things differently.

It’ll give them information that they didn’t have before.

And the biggest benefit is, when you can pull all of those sources together without taking the time to visit 10 different places where that data lives, to me it’s a no brainer.

I mean, the number one thing that I tell my team is, their greatest resource is their time.

How well are they using it?