Achieve rapid time to value with Aktana’s out-of-the-box AI
Developed specifically for life sciences, Aktana’s pre-built machine learning modules help commercial and medical teams identify individual customer preferences for content, channels and timing—in real-time and at scale.
WHO: Analytics-Driven Targeting

Proactively identify high-priority HCPs based on unusual changes in prescribing behavior and insights from call notes.

WHERE: Dynamic Channel Optimization

Anticipate HCP channel preferences and availability in real-time while making trade-offs based on channel capacity constraints.

WHAT: Agile Personalized Content

Gather continuous intel on customer mindset and predict the ideal message sequence across channels.

WHEN: Data-Driven Engagement Timing

Find the best time to deliver a message for both maximum HCP engagement and rep efficiency.

Machine Learning Modules
Everything you need to reach customers at the right time, on the right channel, with the most relevant information.
Content Optimization

Pinpoint the content individual HCPs are most likely to engage with by leveraging Natural Language Processing and omnichannel engagement data.

Call Note Analyzer

Use Natural Language Processing to identify follow-up opportunities with a specific HCP based on analysis of past discussion topics and more.

HCP Engagement Timing

Listen to interactions across channels to predict when HCPs are most likely to respond.

Call Locator

Find efficiencies and maximize resources by predicting how far an HCP will be from a rep’s expected location at a given time.

Sales Change Detection

Intelligently monitor changes in volume, pace and share of sales so you can proactively seize new opportunities or protect your piece of the market.

Channel Optimization

Dynamically anticipate HCP channel preferences and availability while making trade-offs based on channel capacity constraints to achieve the best touchpoint mix.

Key Advantages

Capture the nuanced aspects of your brand strategy, without sacrificing scalability or speed, with configurable AI modules designed for rapid deployment.


Choose what you need, when you need it, to build agile AI solutions that can evolve with strategic priorities throughout the product life-cycle.


Seamlessly integrate analytical or machine learning models from in-house teams and partner platforms with Aktana’s out-of-the-box solutions.


Improve the immediate customer experience with real-time optimization, while helping commercial teams study HCP engagement trends over time.

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HCP Engagement AI
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