For small and mid-sized biopharma, this webinar offers the ultimate guide for how any size company can deliver a personalized omnichannel experience for HCP outreach using AI-driven insights.

Hear Sal Paolozza, Senior Director of Sales Operation at Antares Pharma, Doug Caldwell, VP, Commercial Strategy at Veeva and Matthew Van Wingerden, VP of Product Management at Aktana, discuss:

  • Why it’s more imperative than ever for emerging and mid-sized pharma—especially those competing in niche markets—to deploy AI-driven omnichannel tactics

  • Why personalization is non-negotiable for commercial excellence today

  • How to configure your tech stack to make customer-centricity at scale possible

  • First-hand guidance for implementing an AI-driven solution, including data readiness and change management, from Antares Pharma