A practical reference for commercial life sciences teams navigating the omnichannel landscape, this FAQ guide helps address the following questions:

Frequently Asked Questions about Omnichannel

  • What is omnichannel intelligence?
  • Does omnichannel NBA include field NBA?
  • What’s the difference between long-term omnichannel optimization and “real-time” optimization, and which solutions are better suited for each?
  • What is a realistic timetable for thinking about when my commercial operations can be truly omnichannel?
  • How are NBA and CDP vendors different?
  • Can AI and machine learning be effective if my data isn’t perfectly centralized and structured?
  • When a vendor tells me they can publish NBA to my CRM, how should I evaluate the quality and the truth of that statement?
  • My in-house analytics or data science team is working on an NBA or AI initiative as well. Is that redundant with what you do, or is there a “best-of-both-worlds” approach?
  • Why wouldn’t I want a bespoke NBA solution that’s custom-built for my team? What are the advantages and disadvantages over time?
  • Are there any limitations to the data sources I can integrate?
  • Is building my own solution the only way to ensure my IP is protected?
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