A practical reference for enriching your medical affairs team with omnichannel intelligence

The channels that physicians and medical affairs teams use for scientific exchange have multiplied with the adoption of digital communication platforms. Personalization is now essential for preventing redundancy and avoiding notification overload.

An intelligence-driven omnichannel approach is the best way to personalize KOL engagement at scale.

We’ve created this practical reference guide for medical affairs teams who are starting to navigate the omnichannel landscape. Our FAQ guide helps address common questions like:

  • What does omnichannel really mean?
  • What are the benefits of including medical affairs in your overall omnichannel strategy?
  • How can these commercial and medical functions be integrated into an omnichannel strategy?
  • Should a medical affairs omnichannel approach include Next Best Action (NBA) programs?

Access your copy, and discover how your Med Affairs team can adopt omnichannel strategies to achieve greater reach and more meaningful interaction with HCPs.

Download the full Omnichannel FAQ here.