May 8, 2017/Aktana/

Veeva CRM MyInsights enables immediate access to Aktana’s synthesized, strategy-driven insights for all customers

PHILADELPHIA — 2017 Veeva Global Commercial & Medical Summit — May 8, 2017 Today Aktana announced its Veeva CRM MyInsights certification at the Veeva Global Commercial & Medical Summit in Philadelphia. With its Veeva CRM MyInsights certification, Aktana is able to enhance how customers access suggestions and insights, giving them a more visually engaging way to instantly connect to the information they need at the moment they need it. Aktana’s solution for Veeva CRM MyInsights is configurable to user situations and incorporates the company’s same unique emphasis on synthesis that it has applied in more than 40 CRM Suggestions deployments.

Focused on pre-call planning, Aktana’s solution for Veeva CRM MyInsights gives users rich data visualizations that make decision-making more efficient and effective. Like Aktana’s integration with Veeva CRM Suggestions, it is accessed directly within Veeva CRM, so Aktana can highlight the most relevant information for each user in a single place. For example:

  • Field representatives can more easily identify high-priority items to discuss with a physician at a glance, with enhanced visuals that emphasize key data points.
  • Field reps can also expedite pre-call planning with the flexibility to personalize their views of the data.
  • District managers now have real-time access to actionable coaching insights and dashboards to drive behavior change and results in their teams.

“Information can become frustrating noise if it’s not harnessed, so everything we do focuses on identifying critical insights amidst all that information and ensuring that they can connect to action immediately,” said Derek Choy, executive vice president of products and customer success, Aktana. “Veeva CRM MyInsights gives us the environment to deliver that value to both field reps and district managers so that insights are even easier to find, interpret, and put into action.”

“Veeva CRM MyInsights gives customers the ability to visualize their data any way they want and embed it right at the point of action,” said Arno Sosna, general manager of Veeva CRM. “Flexible and easy to use, Veeva CRM MyInsights can be quickly developed or extended for tailored data visualizations that drive the best actions at the right time.”

Aktana’s solution for Veeva CRM MyInsights continues the approach of its Veeva CRM Suggestions integration by combing through the many reports, tools, and apps that exist in Veeva and elsewhere, bringing only the most pertinent information to the surface. Aktana is a Veeva Gold Technology partner, one of only three globally.


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