January 20, 2018/James Wong/Blog

We kicked off the new year with enhancements primarily focused on increasing visibility and control for decision support in the field. Better visibility into rep behavior and suggestion dismissal reasons both promotes accountability and catalyzes improvement in brand strategy or execution. Among the most anticipated features of the V12 release include the following in the category of increased visibility:

  • Enhanced Dismissals for Improved Suggestions in Real Time – In the Aktana control panel, marketers and other administrators can now customize the dismissal survey questions that appear in Veeva CRM by team and by channel, allowing the collection of more precise feedback. The data collected on exactly why a rep chose to dismiss a suggestion automatically improves future suggestions for that rep by making real-time adjustments to the business rules in Aktana.
  • Dashboard for Improved District Manager Oversight – Managers can now get a full view of how the reps in their district are engaging with Aktana suggestions. Available in Veeva CRM MyInsights, the dashboard empowers managers to discover additional performance drivers, identify coaching opportunities, and play a more active role in decision support initiatives.

V12 was a boon for giving strategic actors in the decision support process more control. With these new configurability enhancements, marketers and other administrators can set parameters that reflect the business upfront to automate and optimize:

  • Control Panel to Set Machine Learning Parameters – With the introduction of a new machine learning control panel, administrators have easy, self-serve access to configure parameters for Aktana’s machine learning algorithms to best meet the needs of the business. No computer science degree required.
  • Dynamic HCP Targeting – Static target lists don’t account for a number of changes that happen throughout the course of a year that could cause HCP targets to move up, down, on, or off target lists – leaving target lists stale and inaccurate long before retargeting exercises kick off. With this enhancement, admin users can set up a series of rules to trigger automatic adjustments to the HCP target list, ensuring field users are always focused on the right set of targets.

To learn more about V12 or how the Aktana platform can help you optimize HCP customer engagement across channels, check out this demo or contact us.