March 7, 2017/James Wong/Blog

We released V8 of the Aktana Platform in January, and many of our customers are already taking advantage of the many enhancements available.

With V8, our goal was to improve the ability of the Decision Support Engine (DSE) to flexibly support more advanced use cases through configuration—tailoring suggestions not only to reps’ practical circumstances but also to their behavior and preferences, empowering district managers with key metrics to coach reps more effectively and drive suggestion adoption, and delivering more insightful reports to truly understand rep engagement with the platform.

A More Flexible DSE To Support More Advanced Use Cases

In V8, the control panel makes it easy to configure strategies that are more nuanced and flexible. For example, now you can:

  • Design tactics that change based on a rep’s reaction and feedback. If a rep dismisses a suggestion to visit an HCP (because they are a no-see HCP, for example), you can suggest using an email to deliver the same content instead.
  • Schedule your tactics to be active only during certain periods. If a new indication is only going to be approved from March 1st, the DSE will only begin suggesting content after that date.
  • Go beyond configuring specific suggestion and insight content for each team to localizing things like terminology, default and language.

From Reporting to Coaching

In V8, the platform goes beyond reporting to coaching to drive true behavior change.

  • Understand the true engagement of your reps through our reporting platform. For example, our engagement metrics separate out suggestions that were directly accepted from the CRM from suggestions that—although not directly accepted—were still in line with actions the rep ultimately took.
  • Our reporting platform empowers sales managers with key metrics to ensure ride-alongs include valuable coaching tips that help reps derive even more value from suggestions.

Make The Most Of Aktana Learning To Drive Rep Engagement With Suggestions

In V8, the DSE considers an individual rep’s personality, preferences and historical response to suggestions to increase the likelihood of suggestion adoption.

  • In addition to using a rep’s scheduled route to ensure that suggestions made today are practical, there is now an option to predict where the rep is likely to be (based on which parts of their territory were recently visited) if the rep’s schedule is empty.
  • Powered by Aktana’s Learning Platform, the Rep Engagement Module monitors each rep’s interaction with suggestions and engagement with HCPs. With this knowledge, the DSE can prioritize suggestions that fit the rep’s preference within the defined brand strategy.