April 7, 2021/Aktana/Blog, Events, Omnichannel

As the number of vaccinated people continues to climb, “normal” is finally starting to feel within reach. But after a year of dramatic change and necessity-driven innovation, the life sciences industry is still deciding what normal is.

That’s why this year’s NEXT Normal Summit was as timely as it gets. We were thrilled to watch our VP of Services Effectiveness and Innovation, Bruce Carlson, share the virtual stage with Ferring’s Global Head of Digital Excellence, Haider Alleg, and José Maria Guido Avila, Global Brand Lead HCP Marketing at Sanofi, to discuss what the future of commercial pharma will look like when the field force can once again live up to its name. 

The Field is Coming Back: What Does an Effective Omnichannel Strategy Look Like Now?

In this session, we cover:

  •  What the rep’s role will look like after a year of pharma going all-in on digital channels
  •  How organizations like Ferring and Sanofi are equipping their field teams to navigate the new omnichannel world
  • How pharma can become more responsive to HCP-initiated interactions
  • Practical ways technology can help close the gap between brand and field

Watch Aktana, Sanofi and Ferring Present at the 2021 NEXT Normal Summit

Note: Bruce has some sound issues at the start of the session, but stick with us! They resolve themselves around 1:30.