June 25, 2015/Aktana/CRM Suggestions

Last week’s Veeva Commercial Summit was filled with many memorable moments, none more so than Veeva’s introduction of CRM Suggestions and our supporting announcement for VConnector 2.0.  For the last five years, we’ve dedicated our work lives at Aktana to making life science sales reps more effective.  How?  By doing the data dirty work for them and delivering important, relevant suggestions and insights right to their fingertips.

Veeva’s pursuit of that same mission is music to our ears as we collaborate closely with them as a Data Science Partner.  Sales reps need assistance in finding the right data points among many.  They value information that’s timely and accurate to their world.  They want to remain in charge of their work.  And when those suggestions arrive directly in their Veeva CRM, they freed up to do what they do best.

With the launch of CRM Suggestions coming in November, the Aktana and Veeva teams are working closely together to ensure the promise of a “better, more coordinated customer experience” becomes a reality.

If we weren’t able to treat you to a drink in hot Philadelphia, drop us a note.  Our drink station travels!