June 18, 2015/Aktana/CRM Suggestions

Aktana was recently profiled in FiercePharmaMarketing, a leading blog for the latest news in the world of pharma marketing.

The article discusses how Aktana’s Decision Support Engine uses predictive analytics within Veeva CRM Suggestions to help inexperienced and underperforming pharma reps make smarter decisions and maximize customer engagement. Highlighting the software’s intuitive edge, the post describes how analyzing the patterns and feedback of sales staffers translates into improved recommendations over time.

Paul Shawah, VP of product marketing at Veeva explained, “Some high performing reps already understand what to do and can predict customer needs based on their experience. But other reps need more support. … (The system) can learn from both of them. It can learn from things that work and things that don’t.”

The article goes on to emphasize the productivity barriers faced by all tiers of the pharma sales force.

Shawah stated “Today, most pharma reps can tap into literal mountains of data about their physician clients, from buying and browsing habits to feedback on products and marketing messages. But reps tend not to do that because the raw data is voluminous, overwhelming and not easy to use.”

We are pleased to partner with Veeva to bring clarity to chaos by delivering smart, seamless sales support. Please check out FiercePharmaMarketing for the full post about Aktana and Veeva CRM Suggestions.